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卐The following is a partial list of when an AR-15-style weapon was used in a mass shooting:▧

➚All Families Healthcare owner Susan Cahill said she wanted to continue working after the break-in. But her family, fearing for her safety, persuaded her to retire.☋

▥Sharp is the latest in a long line of British public figures brought down by dealings with Johnson – who himself was forced to resign from office last year amid scandals over money, ethics and illegal parties during COVID lockdown.►

✿Indeed, especially since 2016, it seems, and the release of now Republican senator J. D. Vance's popular — and also critiqued — book, Hillbilly Elegy, there has been an odd smugness among people who've never set foot in the region casually analyzing and diagnosing it like armchair therapists. Thankfully, there are also those pushing back against oversimplified narratives.◆


❏The United States Navy and Marine Corps are holding joint exercises in the South China Sea at a time of heightened tensions with Beijing over the shooting down of a suspected Chinese spy balloon.◫C1210C225M4RACTU◧Alvarez, a Brownsville local who Sauceda said has an "extensive rap sheet," apparently tried to flee after hitting the group but was held down by several bystanders. Alvarez has not been cooperating with investigators, the chief added.◐TBJB106K016CWSC0823⇤Pat Broz has been serving meals to students in the Mehlville School District outside of St. Louis for almost 30 years. On a recent day at Oakville Elementary School, the kindergarteners sliding trays toward the register were all dressed up for school pictures. She complimented their outfits as she rang up their lunches.▧MA0603CG4R7D250»It is not immediately clear if Komoroski obtained an attorney to represent her.▶

♦The second number could’ve been assigned to the book when the city took over the library in 1892 and was updating its inventory, Kreiden said.✄VJ0603D1R6DLBAP♀"My sense is, God and I came to an accommodation with each other a couple of decades ago, where he's gotten used to the things I'm not capable of, and I've come to terms with things he's not capable of," he said. "And we still care very much about each other."↜

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