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MR045A101KAA↥"The way in which he can go and get a job in the same field should be illegal. For a typical citizen, we aren't able to re-enter certain fields, if we're fired from them. That carries with you," she told member station WFPL.∎MMBT3906TT1♧Murray re-introduced legislation on Thursday that would require insurance companies to cover over-the-counter birth control pills as soon as they become available without a prescription, as recently recommended unanimously by a Food and Drug Administration panel. More than 100 countries already allow oral contraceptives to be dispensed this way.☼


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VJ0402V563MXQPW1BC♣The takeover, however, isn't on the docket for the shareholders meeting, the first held in person in four years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pared-down agenda includes discussion on issues like a dividend of about 5 cents per share, the reelection of the board and granting a form of approval to managers for most of their actions running the bank.■LQM2HPN4R7MGSL▽One student from 56 states and territories also each designed an egg now on display at the White House.←


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TAJB154K050RNJ⇪After initially hesitating to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, Germany has become one of the biggest suppliers of arms to Ukraine, including Leopard 1 and 2 battle tanks, and the sophisticated IRIS-T SLM air-defense system. Modern Western hardware is considered crucial if Ukraine is to succeed in its planned counteroffensive against Russian troops.◐GA0805A561FXABP31G⇁Senn spoke with NPR's Melissa Block on Friday to discuss her stance on reproductive rights, and what she sees for the future of the GOP's position on the issue.♈


⊙Ziff says she reconsidered when the Adult Survivor's Act passed last year. The legislation extended the time adult sex crime victims can bring civil claims that would otherwise have expired under the statute of limitations.✌S4924R-186K↦The programs will have relatively less impact on electricity growth in rural communities than the Rural Electrification Act during the New Deal, said Carl Kitchens, an associate professor of economics at Florida State University.➼SMBD1494LT1◘Since then, the film and TV industry has changed. For example, television writers used to be assigned to shows that lasted perhaps 22 episodes each season. Now, seasons on TV and digital platforms may be just eight to 10 episodes long.♣04023A750JAT4A◙A group of longtime Republican operatives is launching a super PAC supporting the expected presidential campaign of former Vice President Mike Pence.↝

♦The officers shop at the same grocery stores as the families. They umpire weekly softball games. They live in the same neighborhoods. In some cases, they are blood relatives.░100-821F☂"The racial discrimination that has plagued American society for centuries routinely shows up in algorithms that governments and private organizations put in place, even when those algorithms are intended to be race-neutral," said Wyden, calling the racial bias "completely unacceptable."↨

↺"Some of the victims might turn into suspects if the investigations prove they knew what they were doing was illegal," said Mahmoud El-Semri.▥


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