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✲"Enrique Tarrio isn't being 'scapegoated' for Jan. 6, he 's being held accountable for the crimes he committed," Moore said.↸240NQ040-1◁When Standing Bear made the perilous trip back to Nebraska to honor his son with a burial in the tribe's homeland in 1879, he was arrested and imprisoned at Fort Omaha.♧MBR1540CT✏France paid tribute to the "rapid intervention of the Tunisian security forces and stands by Tunisia to continue the fight against antisemitism and all forms of fanaticism," the statement said.▲T356E225K050AS☻HONG KONG — Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong was sentenced Monday to three months in prison for breaching court bans on disclosing personal information about a police officer who injured a protester during 2019 anti-government protests.➞

◐And Davis warned Fox attorneys "don't make me look like an idiot," after they asked that the 92-year-old Murdoch not be subjected to the rigors of being forced to travel to Wilmington to testify in person. Davis noted Murdoch had just announced in the gossip pages of his own New York Post the intention to split time among his four homes in Montana, Los Angeles, New York City and London with his new bride-to-be. That Murdoch called off the wedding, which was to have been his fifth, shortly after, did not appear to mitigate Davis' irritation.▰SRR1050A-6R8Y⊟Florida is one of the most popular states in the U.S. for tourists, and tourism is one of its biggest industries. More than 137.5 million tourists visited Florida last year, marking a return to pre-pandemic levels, according to Visit Florida, the state's tourism promotion agency. Tourism supports 1.6 million full-time and part-time jobs, and visitors spent $98.8 billion in Florida in 2019, the last year figures are available.∷


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1210Y2000272JXT【"This decision does not mean that there is discrimination, or creates obstacles to the functions of the United Nations; on the contrary, considering the religious and cultural interests, we are committed to all the rights of our people," Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Taliban, stated.↷1812J0160183JFR□A U.S. service member was wounded in a series of new attacks Friday targeting U.S. bases in Syria following Thursday's fatal drone attack on a U.S. base, a U.S. official confirmed to CBS News.★


■White and another police officer had gone to Yallambee Lodge, a nursing home in Cooma that specializes in residents with higher care needs including dementia, after staff reported that Nowland had taken a serrated steak knife from the kitchen.➧VJ0805Y183KXQCW1BC⇧The new numbers from the Census Bureau make up the most comprehensive statistics the federal government has produced to date about married and unmarried same-sex couples living together.➣1879064-8➮The cruise ship stayed on the scene to search for the man for two hours before resuming its journey.【CWR26HB336JCFC\HR▦This was the first police news conference since Sunday.⇡

♨The measure now heads to the Senate, but Biden has already threatened a veto if it passes. Still, the vote shows the additional scrutiny that could await any future student loan policy from the administration.♠2510R-82F↼Not quite as dogged in pursuit of the presidency as Clay, Bryan did not run again after 1908. But he did campaign in 1912 for Woodrow Wilson, who would be one of just two Democrats elected president between 1860 and 1932. Bryan served as Wilson's secretary of state for two years and thereafter campaigned for women's suffrage and the prohibition of alcohol, both of which were achieved by Constitutional amendment during Wilson's second term.▥

웃With almost 99% of voting places reporting, Peña had 43% of the vote, compared to 27% for the closest challenger, Efraín Alegre, the candidate of the Pact for a New Paraguay, a broad-based opposition coalition that had hoped to end Colorado's reign.➢

♭Biden also cast himself as the antidote to what he implied was a rising tolerance for racism, directly mentioning Donald Trump's infamous characterization of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville as "very fine people on both sides."➞

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