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T491D476K016ZGZB06ZV10▫Daniels said she was prepared to testify in the Manhattan grand jury probe but was never asked. She said she'd welcome the prospect of testifying if the case goes to trial, which is likely, but not until late winter or spring 2024.☺VJ0805D100JXCACºAsh Williams has been on the front lines for reproductive health in his state. Now, another challenge arises.◩

✍Oak Lawn United Methodist Church, in Dallas, told NPR member station KERA that it was prepared to receive five times more migrants after Title 42 expired.웃


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1210Y1K20680KCR▔This wasn't Nasyrova's first brush with the law or with poison, authorities say.⇦1206J0100392GCR♢"If you had been listening to, say, Alex Jones on Infowars, you would have gotten this material, say, three months before Tucker Carlson got to it," Hemmer said. "But it's showing up on Fox News, which was treated by other news organizations as a legitimate journalistic organization that has millions of more viewers and has viewers who haven't already been radicalized into these conspiracies. That makes Carlson so much more powerful and influential in the broader conservative movement."♧

↘He added that only three days before Friday's attack, the families met with judges leading the 2013 case.❈


▂ ➬MMBZ5245C-G3-18☞For the rest, Ferguson said, the Texas ruling "seriously has the potential to eliminate that access for mifepristone here in the coming days."☛FQB34P10TM-F085P✍It also enables prosecutors to charge a provider with a misdemeanor — up to 360 days in prison and $3,000 in fines — for giving gender-affirming medication, like puberty blockers, to a trans child.✯MMSZ5230BS-7⇂Carter had been co-chair of the Loyalist Democrats, a racially diverse group that won a credentials fight at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, unseating the all-white delegation by Mississippi's governor, John Bell Williams.⇆

☂The EPA last year formed its own Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, merging three existing EPA programs to oversee a portion of Democrats' $60 billion investment in environmental justice initiatives created by last year's Inflation Reduction Act.➘C315C430F3G5TA➳Sharp is the latest in a long line of British public figures brought down by dealings with Johnson – who himself was forced to resign from office last year amid scandals over money, ethics and illegal parties during COVID lockdown.♢

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