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TBB1002BMTL-E◧Last week, Afghanistan's Taliban rulers took a step further in the restrictive measures they have imposed on women and said that Afghan women employed with the U.N. mission could no longer report for work. They did not further comment on the ban.▲1825AC473KAT2A\SB▎"This case is not about partisan politics but rather about realigning the proper roles of the judicial and legislative branches. Today we begin to correct course, returning the judiciary to its designated lane," said the majority opinion, which was written by North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Newby, a Republican.⇃

☂But her apparent lack of remorse in interviews soon after she surfaced in the refugee camp triggered criticism in Britain, including a 2019 interview in which she said she had ""no regrets"" about her actions. Her tone has changed since then as she reflected on her actions and fought to return home."▋

❉"Each party has different interpretations and expectations," he said. "Given the complexities of the situation, it is hard to see progress on this track very soon."➵

❁Mercenaries from Wagner spearheaded the Russian offensive. Prigozhin tried to use the battle for the city to expand his clout amid the tensions with the top Russian military leaders whom he harshly criticized.▂

↠NASHVILLE, Tenn. — "Son of a Sinner" singer Jelly Roll was the big winner at the CMT Music Awards, as the rapper-turned-country singer took home three awards on Sunday as an outsider who won over fans with his confessional songs.➶


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