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CKR22BX332KM▒Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) said, "All social media is not necessarily great for kids, but that is a fundamental distinction in terms of dealing with the TikTok issue."➵C420C273K1G5TA7200★Davis' attorney, Kyle Dugger, told NPR in January that Davis has a long history of "severe mental illness" and was seeking help managing her condition on the day of the assault. Dugger has filed an insanity defense for Davis.▥

♖But before that clear moment of conclusion came a crowdsourced investigation. Like Lampariello, thousands of people acted on their instinct to share what they knew, to push harder towards a moment of resolution and catharsis.⊿


☻Bannon was accused of taking more than $1 million through a separate nonprofit, then secretly paying some of it back to Kolfage.♡IMCH1812ER2R2K➵This trend is especially concerning, he said, because K-pop is yet to have an economy of scale. Despite the explosive growth both in business and cultural impact in recent years, major K-pop companies account for only 2% of global music record and streaming sales, according to Bang.ˍ1N6005B_T50R☈In a move that might anger some China hawks, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng is also attending. Han was the architect of Beijing's 2019 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.△0805J0500101GQT▤Sheeran's song, which came out in 2014, was a hit, winning a Grammy for song of the year. His lawyers argued that the songs shared versions of a similar and unprotectable chord progression freely available to all songwriters.♛

➮"We're also now taking a hard look at our safety guidance and identifying any education messages that may be inadvertently ableist or not account for how someone who uses a wheelchair or walker may safely use a product," Galbo wrote.2225J0250823JCR▓Wong rose to prominence in 2014 pro-democracy protests in the Chinese territory and was in custody after he indicated his intention to plead guilty in the city's biggest national security case, in which he faces a potential penalty of up to life in prison. Last year, he finished serving his sentences of about two years for three other cases after being convicted of multiple charges.Ю


⊙National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at the White House Thursday that the decision to withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right one but that the previous administration had not done sufficient planning for the withdrawal and put Biden in a difficult position.♠PHKD3NQ10T,518☻Elaine Brown, former Black Panther Party chairwoman, urged people to express their frustrations through demonstrations.▌2225Y1000473GCT▐"Len Goody Goodman is what I always called him and 'It's a 10 from Len & seveeeeern' will live with me forever," Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood tweeted.➭0805Y5000680KAT☺McCarthy added he'd like to see the appointed individuals begin meeting as soon as today and "just start meeting until we get this done."ぃ

¤At Erdogan rallies, crowds wave the flags of his ruling Justice and Development Party. Supporters say he projects strength for Turkey around the world. In speeches, Erdogan tries to scare people off Kilicdaroglu, alleging that he's controlled by Kurdish militants long at war with Turkish security forces. He calls the opposition a threat to the country's values and says it's "LGBT-ist" — because it seems more tolerant of minority rights.0603R-1N6J⊙The new version of the 2016 movie is under development, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who played the character Maui, said in a video.▣


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PE0140WF30236BJ1➹Since going public with her experience, the author says, she's heard from other marginalized writers and people in the publishing industry — largely people of color and queer people, she says — who have also had to make difficult choices about their work and how its presented.▤CMHZ5236B TR↸Thousands of others are hoping the same is true for them.↔


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