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❧"They talked about a development agreement that would render everything we did null and void," DeSantis said. "Well, that's not going to work. That's not going to fly."➵

⇪Just last week, an EF3 tornado tore a "30-mile path of destruction" through central Arkansas, with neighborhoods west of Little Rock suffering the heaviest damage, according to Daniel Breen with KUAR.◇

⇙My parting invitation is to celebrate. I'm inviting you to celebrate what I'm celebrating and that is this experience of the miracle of where we find ourselves. You need not have a terminal diagnosis to lean in more fully, and I promise you it's worth it.☏

】The result, he says, is less effective visuals. So when the 2021 American Rescue Plan gave the CPSC more resources for developing new creative materials, it made this project a priority.⊟

↚"I'm not a victim, and this isn't a pity party. This is more about awareness," said Mabry, who is encouraging people to contact their state legislators about anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Texas.∷

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