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➳Amazing result in a test tube? Talk to me in 15 years if I'm still here. Just started phase I clinical trials in people? Still too early to help me. Cures mice? Of all the oncologists I've interviewed about mouse data, I've been told by at least a quarter of them this exact punchline: "I've never treated a mouse for cancer." Yuk, yuk. Funny oncologists. It's not just snark. They have a point buried under their tired joke. Most things that cure cancer in mice don't work in people.⇆1206Y1000562GFT♥Mad, with its wry, sometimes pointed send-ups of politics and culture, was essential reading for teens and preteens during the baby-boom era and inspiration for countless future comedians. Few of the magazine's self-billed "Usual Gang of Idiots" contributed as much — and as dependably — as the impish, bearded cartoonist.⇛SZMMSZ4679T1G☁But children are extremely resilient and adept at adjusting, she says. "They pick up new languages, they pick up the new culture, they even pick up the new identity. It's a survival mechanism that really works in our favor when we're young."♂C3216X7R1E106M160AB▪"Using radioactive phosphogypsum in roads is not a solution to the fertilizer industry's toxic waste problem," the Center for Biological Diversity and more than 30 other groups said in a letter to the governor. "Florida should not be a test subject in the industry's reckless experiment."◈

↖"You ask many CEOs across the country, 'What keeps you up at night?' Of course, [they're] talking about workforce, financial pressures, and they say, 'The possibility of a cyberattack,'"▥VJ1825A392JBBAT4X◊Israel has faced criticism in the past from rights groups over the civilian casualties in its bombardments in Gaza. Israel says it does its utmost to avoid harming civilians in its strikes and says militants operate from within the territory's densely populated areas to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli communities.↿


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78F1R2K↕The route to the hospital was peppered with military checkpoints. Groups of soldiers roamed the streets carrying machine guns. Abdullah did not dare wear his medical scrubs or carry his professional badge. He also dared not drive. If he were stopped by the soldiers at one of the checkpoints, his driver's license would reveal he was a medical doctor. Like other doctors in Sudan, he had received many cryptic calls and text messages that made him fear for his life.▷C1206C154J2REC◙But the programs remain controversial.➵

◎As of February, the program was staffed with just 300 psychologists. São Paulo's current government has since suspended the program until it can hire enough professionals to see all those in need. It has also promised to hire another 5,000 mediators to help prevent violence in schools. Currently there are 500.◁

▤Roads leading to the famous Shwedagon pagoda — a Buddhist shrine that dominates Yangon's skyline and is usually thronged by worshippers — were largely deserted.☂


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TZQ5233B-GS18▩During an event on Monday at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, Biden congratulated both teams — praising them on their performance and highlighting Iowa's sportsmanship.▯1825J0500183KCT♪"There is no water, and there is also no electricity and also no market. And all the humanitarian actors, especially the international community, have left," MSF coordinator Mohamed Gibreel Adam, who lives in the city of El Fasher in Darfur, told NPR on Thursday. People there have "a fear, lack of protection, like hopeless, the feeling that they were left alone in this kind of dire and very critical situation."❦

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