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¤The leaders pledge to work together both within the G-7 and with other countries to "enhance economic resilience globally against various shocks, stand firm to protect our shared values, and preserve economic efficiency by upholding the free, fair and rules-based multilateral system."♧0805J2000120FUT▣On the beach on Pamban island, they set their own rhythm, harvesting seaweed only 12 days every month, their schedule governed by the lunar cycle. They collect a week after the new moon (roughly mid-month) and a week before the full moon (toward the end of the month). This is when the tides are weaker, the waters gentler and more conducive for seaweed gathering. There's a gap of nine days between cycles to allow the seaweed to regenerate.▽SQCB7M8R2CAJME\500▐Those calls have continued almost weekly. Within the last couple months, hundreds more schools have received mysterious "swatting" calls. The scope and scale is so large that the FBI has stepped in to investigate.⇄GA0402A2R2DXXAC31G☛"Our state is taking a step forward to a better and brighter future where our rights and freedoms will be protected," Protasiewicz said. "And while there is still work to be done, tonight we celebrate this historic victory that has obviously reignited hope in so many of us.❀

☼Brad Snyder, a six-time Paralympic gold medalist — most recently in paratriathlon — who was blinded by an IED in Afghanistan, was also fine with the video he appeared in last year.♠GXM1555C1H6R2DA02D↳During his 13-year career, baseball player Drew Maggi has seen plenty of pitches. Over more than 1,150 career games, he has stepped up to the plate nearly 4,500 times and taken five figures' worth of balls and strikes.▩


①"It is an absolute tragedy. It is a horrific situation," the prime minister told reporters. "In the fullness of time, of course, there will be a number of investigations about what has happened and why it happened. But for now, the focus clearly has to be on dealing with the situation."◩C324C331F3G5TA7301¤Tsvyk has a Ukrainian passport, according to the BBC and NBC News.☼1808Y2500820JFR⇟And this is far from the only time that's happened, Washington Post sports columnist and ESPN panelist Kevin Blackistone told Morning Edition on Monday.⇏BUK755R4-100E127☢Two of Trump's lawyers told Reuters on Friday that he will not be handcuffed when he arrives, and plans to enter a not guilty plea.•

╬"This was not a 'fun' mask," said Doane.✿BTA212X-800E,127♥At least 234 people died as the result of clothing storage unit tip-overs between January 2000 and April 2022, according to the CPSC, 199 of whom were kids. The agency estimates that 5,300 clothing storage tip-over injuries sent people to hospitals each year from 2006 to 2021.☞


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C0805X102K4RECAUTO▫Between the controversy among professional teams and the high schools, "I see more similarities than differences, except that we don't have the high-profile national media covering it," he says.★RHRP860⇔A couple dozen activists, including one wearing a mask of the head of the Swiss central bank, took parting shots at Credit Suisse: Some held signs decrying the bank's ties to Mozambique, where the lender was found to have violated anti-money-laundering rules that led to nearly $700 million in settlements to British and U.S. authorities.⇡


⇍The Noh drama lasted only around 30 minutes, as museum workers installed a second banana to restore Cattelan's vision.◄GA1210Y394KBAAT31G♠Kushner's other works similarly tackled life's most difficult questions about goodness, failure and purpose. Though they were largely informed by a Jewish theology, his writing resonated with readers across religions.➷SMBJ4742A/TR13▉Guney denied involvement in the 2013 killings, and it was surveillance footage that led to his arrest after he was seen entering the crime scene and one of the victim's DNA was allegedly found on his coat.큐SA101E473MAC■The CPSC has already started using the stock photos in its posters and social media graphics, such as this March tweet showing a man in a wheelchair extolling the virtues of his fire extinguisher to a magical deer inexplicably named Alan Dracula, and a May tweet in which a man with a prosthetic leg stands by his boiling pan while a Pegasus teeters on the counter behind him.▤

ღ"And [Charles'] insistence on removing it is really an attempt to move forward and to assert his legitimacy and hers in the face of all the different criticisms they have had," she adds. "So I do think it is actually a fairly significant thing that happened, the dropping of that word, and I think that is why it has gotten a fair amount of attention."♖HKQ04020N8S-Tⓞ"Dear writers, thinkers, and sympathizers, I implore you to help the Iranian people free themselves from the grip of the Islamic Republic, or morally speaking, please help end the suffering of the Iranian people," Mohammadi wrote from prison in a letter read aloud at the ceremony. "Let us prove the magic of global unity against authorities besotted with power and greed."✄


▲Carpenter spent 11 months in jail, before all charges against him were dropped. The complaint alleges that one of the officers involved in Carpenter's arrest texted, "I'm only stopping them cuz they black." It alleges another wrote, "I sometimes just say people gave me a full confession when they didn't. gets filed easier."✌1808AC390KAT9A♪"My experience was a very bad experience. I was blown up by Russians — something blew up in my car," Orlov, 27, told CBS News. "I was stuck in the car and my teammates helped me out. I lost a little piece of my left foot and both of my legs were broken," he explained.⏎CDR34BP392AJUM-ZANAE◘"He has an enormous incentive to flee, and there are numerous adversaries of the United States that could provide him the means to do so, regardless of the conditions set by the Court," argued in their motion for pretrial detention.☺GJM1555C1H1R2JB01D☀A video of the incident shared widely on social media shows a young boy approaching the Dalai Lama during an event, asking him for a hug.☪

◊"It could affect the pay of federal workers who process VA claims, or the VA doctors and nurses," he added.↓AQ12EA131FAJME\500V☣In the runup to Russia's full-scale invasion in February 2022, the U.S. intelligence community intentionally publicized some information about Russian military plans.▄


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