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S0402-2N2F3D◥Orlov's girlfriend, Ashley Matkowsky, an American documentary filmmaker whom he met in Ukraine during the war, was also instrumental in helping ensure that he got the necessary care.➡2225J1000564MDT▒"The Hague, Netherlands — An international team of investigators said Wednesday it found ""strong indications"" that Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the supply of heavy anti-aircraft weapons to Ukrainian separatists who shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in 2014 with a Russian missile.▧


◨Of the 27 students in that green and yellow kindergarten class, ultimately, more than half would leave the country — driving south through Moldova or west into Poland. For some, it was easier. They had relatives abroad, preexisting plans to emigrate, or a destination in mind. For others, it was much harder: weeks or months living in refugee camps in Poland and Germany; constantly moving from one country to another in search of housing, jobs and stability.➟1808Y2000393JDT◥Twitter CEO Elon Musk said the platform's recent labeling of NPR as "state-affiliated media" might not have been accurate during a series of email exchanges that provided a glimpse into the billionaire's thought process on decisions that reverberate far beyond the social network.◀TBJC686K010LRVZ0000▊The change came after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on May 17 signed a bill that would fine or suspend the licenses of hotels and restaurants that allow children to attend “sexually explicit adult performances,” which include drag shows.¤GRM155R61H473ME14J☀In Limbo is not your typical graphic novel by a first-generation American.の

◑Israel and Egypt have maintained a blockade over Gaza in what Israel says is a policy aimed at preventing Hamas from arming. The Palestinians and international rights groups say the policy, which restricts the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, amounts to collective punishment.↔GA1210A271GBCAR31G☻There are different kinds of turbulence, and it's hard to pinpoint what caused the extreme conditions that rocked Weisse's flight. In an email, Alaska Airlines acknowledged "unexpected turbulence" on the flight. But researchers say there's evidence that a particularly unpredictable type known as "clear-air turbulence" is becoming more frequent, says Paul Williams, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Reading in England.❣

➸Just over the last four decades, there has been a slew of books about South Asian or East Indian immigrants — both fiction and nonfiction. Several have won awards. Almost all of them have centered on contemporary stories. Charry's "Tony East Indian" plants his own flag in this literary landscape. As he says towards the end: "Others of my kind will come here, and still others, and they will tell their stories, tales filled with loss, doubt, wonder, and hope. But mine, such as it is, is a first story."◁


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AOT11N60L▣"Somebody's got to start thinking about mama, because I know I'm tired of it and everybody behind me is tired of it," Burkett said. "We're tired of going to the mothers and having to tell them that these kids are not coming home."CWR29FH157MBHB\TR☀"Meaning, these accounts are often vulnerable, and once an account is compromised, it can be used for anything from identity theft to a vector for unwanted or even malicious content, like spam," said Ruth Kricheli, Google's vice president of product management.◊

↭Colly drifts through his life; he's somewhat engaged, but troubled. He gets kicked out of school after a fight, but finds some meaning in an internship at an art museum. Through it all, he is visited by his mother's spirit, able to have conversations with her. He finds himself retreating inward after his loss: "These days I keep looking for myself in books. I can't see anything out my window at night and I choose my friends too wisely. It is easier to talk to you in the early hours, when my timeline is asleep. More beautiful, you feel. The books are the only things that prove to me we belong to the treble of the universe."◥


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