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➮"Havana Syndrome," which gets its name from the cases first reported by U.S. diplomats and intelligence officers in Havana, Cuba in 2016, can be characterized by a range of neurological symptoms, including intense headaches and head pressure, vertigo, nausea and a ringing or popping in the ears. Victims have described hearing a painfully high-pitched sound and reported being able to evade it by moving to a different area. Some were forced to leave the workforce because their symptoms were so debilitating.✣

☁A federal appeals court overturned that ruling last month.▤


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ASPI-0403S-151M-T♠The scientific consensus shows COVID vaccines are safe and significantly reduce the chances of death or serious illness. While many Americans may share a distrust of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems, there is no evidence of the kind of conspiracy alleged in these circles.❀C410C131K3G5TA7200➸The process moved quickly: Just one week after Salinas filed her complaints on March 29, the school committee decided most of the books on her list should not be seen by younger students. Salinas had requested the materials be removed "from the total environment."▉

●The twice-impeached Trump has spent years delegitimizing investigations into his conduct. Trump has described them as "witch hunts" and "Deep State" conspiracies.➟

♕During the hearing, Democrats frequently pointed to data from the NYPD that show a drop in violent crimes in New York City each month this year.➳


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