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⊙"Every year the pews are getting emptier and the collection plates getting lighter," he says. "We're going to see thousands of churches closing in America over the next 20 or 30 years in every part of the country, in every region and every state, urban, suburban, rural."⇞

✤2019 and was investing in cutting-edge industries, from ""life sciences technology"" to ""space tech and blockchain."" He called it ""one of the leading energy providers worldwide"" and said it offered ""cryptocurrency mining at all levels."""▒


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0805J0250101JDT❦Ten Planets' stories are linked occasionally and loosely, often by language. (In her afterword, Dillman writes of consciously choosing to string the word iota, one of the many potential translations of the Spanish ápice, through the text.) Many involve voyages to space; in one of the best, "The Martian," an earthling stranded on an alien planet is moved to "astonishment, intense sorrow, and then uncontainable joy" on encountering a dog. In others, elements of real life — dementia; smartphones — twist into science fiction or grow magical, as in "House Taken Over," in which a house learns "how to determine what was important," then forces its inhabitants to live by its moral code. Reading Ten Planets is something like living in that sentient house: More than any of Herrera's other work, it requires not only suspension of disbelief but surrender of control. Both are challenging; both are worth it. Nobody writes like Yuri Herrera, and it would be a shame not to travel with him as far as his imagination can go.☂TR3C476K6R3C0250↗In the 1801 letter, Jefferson said he'd given money "from time to time" to journalist James Thomson Callender, "a man of genius suffering under persecution."➭

▧The attack on Uman is the deadliest strike on a Ukrainian apartment building since 40 people were killed in Dnipro in January.☪


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CDR34BP472BFWP❃In this new version of the image, the gaps have been filled with the help of physics — namely, computer simulations of black holes — and machine learning. Researchers generated over 30,000 simulated images of black holes, covering a wide range of possibilities, and then looked for common patterns within those images.⋄BSP129E6327T◄"This is a positive development. Meetings are progressing. Staff is continuing to meet and it wasn't the right moment to bring it back to principals," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private meetings.☇

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