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◈Since the Ugandan authorities declared the latest outbreak in Mubende on September 20, the East African nation has registered 142 confirmed cases and 56 deaths, with the disease spreading to the capital Kampala.☟

▁"America must provide reparations if we desire a prosperous future for all," Bush said.❂

↤The shooting took place in a church and killed 25 people including a pregnant woman. Officials put the death toll at 26, and it remains the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history.➼


♨"Terror attacks continue to target Jews around the world even when they are gathered in prayer, as we know from countless experiences over the years including at this very synagogue," EJC President Ariel Muzicant said in a statement.◐0402YC392KA72A▥NPR White House correspondent Asma Khalid contributed to this story.⊿S0603-151NG2E❈ANAHEIM, Calif. — Spectators at Disneyland's popular "Fantasmic!" show got a shock this weekend when the feature's fire-breathing animatronic dragon suddenly burst into flames.♬C921U222MZWDAAWL40⇐Protesters, including some hoisting a boat labeled "Crisis Suisse," gathered outside the Zurich hockey arena hosting the annual general meeting and shareholders voiced their anger as they got their last crack at managers following a collapse of the bank's stock price over the last decade and an impending merger engineered to sidestep investor approval.▦

┲The five deceased victims have been identified as Joshua Barrick, Deana Eckert, Tommy Elliott, Juliana Farmer and James Tutt.✉IRF1404LPBF⇙U.S. officials confirmed one of the three new attacks targeted an American base southeast of the Syrian province of Der el-Zour on Friday, saying there were "lots of rockets" fired, but no known U.S. casualties. Reports surfaced that a missile salvo had targeted a U.S. base near the Al-Omar oil field. The Reuters news agency and local media, including a pro-Iran outlet based in Lebanon, first reported the strike. Photos and reports on social media suggested at least one missile had missed the intended target, hitting homes in the region instead.➙


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1210J0100473GCT➭"Our goal has always been to provide the best service for our members but as the business continues to shrink that's going to become increasingly difficult," Sarandos acknowledged in his blog post.☾1812Y2000333KDT→Details of the final month of the withdrawal were included in the Pentagon's previous investigation of a bombing outside the Kabul airport that killed 13 U.S. service members and over 100 Afghans in the chaotic final days of the withdrawal. That report detailed how the administration's lack of coordination over the withdrawal put the burden on young service members to "play God" to decide who left the Afghan capital.♨


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