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↓Police issued a shelter-in-place order shortly after the stabbing of the woman was reported at 11:45 p.m. Monday. It was lifted hours later after police said they had not caught the suspect, who is described as a male with long curly hair, a thin build and carrying a brown backpack.⇣BZG05C16-E3-TR↢Critics maintain the president's heavy-handed style is responsible for a painful cost-of-living crisis. The latest official statistics put inflation at about 44%, down from a high of around 86%. The price of vegetables became a campaign issue for the opposition, which used an onion as a symbol.☃C11CF110K-9UN-X1T▪Erin Fox, a national expert on drug shortages at the University of Utah, says a really popular strength of amoxicillin – 400 mg/5mL – isn't always available, but pharmacists have other options.☀1825J0100223FCR◘His death, King said, "was an unfortunate tragedy."♥

↦Experts say extreme weather events are happening with increased frequency and intensity due to climate change.◈TACL684K010FTA♦More than half of those surveyed said they used their ethnic group when referring to themselves, either on its own or in tandem with "American."↾

☆ISTANBUL, Turkey — There's a big election coming up in Turkey on May 14, one that could shape the trajectory of this NATO ally for years to come.◐


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TMK105B7152KV-F▉The treaty also establishes ground rules for conducting environmental impact assessments for commercial activities in the oceans.♬0805Y0630240JQT▐A few months later, in April 2022, CMS decided to pay for eight tests per month for those with Medicare Part B outpatient coverage, including tens of millions of seniors, one of the groups most susceptible to severe illness and death from the virus. It was the first time the agency agreed to cover non-prescription, over-the-counter products at no cost to beneficiaries.☀


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1825J6K00120FCTIn response to the petition, Taco John's rolled out a two-week long Taco Tuesday deal offering two tacos for $2.┱KDZTR36B⏎Fox's chief media host and correspondent, Howard Kurtz, barely touched on the case. He finally told viewers he had been forbidden from covering it by his corporate bosses.★


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1210J6300150JCT♧The indictment does not specify these other crimes. Bragg said he views New York state law as not requiring prosecutors to do so.♠0603J0500221GAR☠Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection staffing shortages in many airports has led to hourslong waits for international travelers returning to the U.S. to get through customs.▧


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