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M39003/01-2861H◘The Arkansas Senate also sent a bill Wednesday to Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders that would require parental approval for Arkansas teachers to address transgender students using their preferred name and pronouns. It also would prohibit schools from requiring teachers to use the pronouns or name a student uses.♧1825Y4K00391KCR♀The officers named in this article did not respond to detailed questions from The Post outlining its findings or declined to comment in multiple requests for interviews, citing the still-open investigation and pending civil lawsuits.⇔

☀Under the dust and debris, the classroom told a story of life before the war, of the lives of 27 students and their teacher, disrupted and forever changed.♨


↞"In October 2021, Norway's Supreme Court ruled that the construction of the wind turbines violated the rights of the Sami, who have been using the land to raise reindeer for centuries. However, the wind farm is still operating.➲CDR33BP302AJSR⇃They run on diesel, a more powerful fuel than gasoline, producing greenhouse gases and pollution that is harmful for nearby residents.◘M39003/01-7036➶"That's why it's such a significant arrest and why it has taken a fair amount of time."۰VJ0805D821JXXAJ♪The holy site is administered by the country of Jordan and an Islamic endowment called the Waqf. Muslims are allowed to pray there, but Jews and Christians are not. Ben-Gvir has long decried that status quo as discriminatory and called for greater Jewish access.☭

➴Coolio died on Sept. 28, 2022, at a friend's home in Los Angeles. The coroner's report listed the primary cause of the 59-year-old's death as the "effects of fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine" and ruled his death "accidental."♗VJ0805A151FXQCW1BC➹"It was a great find by the countdown team, and that's why we have a countdown," said SpaceX quality systems engineer Kate Tice at the time. "We've learned a lot over the last 48 hours, and we're ready to give it another go."☪


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1331-121K↯Over the past week, a total of seven horses died in the lead-up to the final race on Saturday — prompting an investigation into the deaths and fueling outrage from animal rights activists.㊣VJ1206A150FXCAC➟Biden also called the meeting "productive," but said there's still work to do to make sure the U.S. avoids defaulting on its debt.⊙


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1SMB5947BT3√Instead, students will be able to carry clear plastic bags with gym clothes, lunchboxes, small purses containing personal items, such as hygiene products, wallets, keys and phones "within reason," the district said.♈0805Y0250682KCRⓞ"I've been grinding away at this for a while, and I'm not on a crusade to dismantle the Titanic narrative that has grown since 1912," he says. "But ... I have had enough experience and seen enough evidence that makes me seriously question even some of the most basic aspects of the Titanic story."⇡

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