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M39014/02-1360VTR2⇪At the G-7 in Japan, Zelenskyy stood side by side with U.S. President Joe Biden during a news conference. Biden announced $375 million more in aid for Ukraine, which included more ammunition, artillery and vehicles.♂T491X107M016AS☎Shoppers flocked to Bed Bath & Beyond for a treasure-hunt-like stroll through aisles stacked floor to ceiling with trash cans, kitchen gadgets, shower caddies and bedding. Its blue never-expiring 20% off coupon became such a cultural staple that it's frequently sold on eBay.⊙


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CDR32BP120BJZPAT✉MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator Kelly, it's good to have you on the program. We hope to have you back. We're gonna have to leave it there for today.⊿CL10B683JO8NNNC♐This week, the Republican National Committee used artificial intelligence to create a 30-second ad imagining what President Joe Biden's second term might look like.⊟


▬On international issues, analysts say the U.S. and European countries would likely find Kilicdaroglu an easier partner to deal with, but shouldn't expect immediate or dramatic changes to Ankara's foreign policy positions.▄CC1210KKX7R0BB124ⓛElizabeth's coronation was on June 2, 1953, when the country still had some of the marks of World War II. The start of the 25-year-old's reign was widely seen as the dawn of a new era. And many citizens got to watch the coronation for the first time on an emerging medium: television.□LQW18ANR33G00D↖In such turf disputes, the lack of federal leadership is acutely felt, say some advocates.◑GCG31CR71E475KA01K☪For Taiwan, Tsai's stop in California and her meeting with McCarthy serve as reassurance that the U.S. — by far the island's most important partner, even though it does not officially recognize Taipei — remains firmly supportive of the island. She is due to step down next year and will not seek reelection.☃

∎"I could have a lot of fun with this case," Davis said.•GRM155R71E183MA61JˍThe vapid, contented wife doesn't help matters. "My husband and I match because he expects nothing from me...He wanted someone calm and beautiful...In my husband I found someone for whom the bare minimum was more than enough, someone who didn't expect anything of me that I wasn't willing to give." Until he pressed for a child.◙


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K273M10X7RF53H5♞Tens of thousands of people have rallied in two protest marches in Belgrade since the shootings, demanding resignations of government ministers and a ban on television stations that promote violent content and host war criminals and crime figures.⇛IRF7453TRPBF✿The Peregrine Fund, which manages the Arizona-Utah flock, also captured five other birds that seemed ill and sent them to a wildlife rescue in Phoenix. One bird died and the other four have been quarantined, officials said.⊿

♡"We had no knowledge of what was depicted. As soon as we learned, it was removed immediately. We apologize for this error," the WWE said in a statement to NPR on Sunday.♥

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