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TAZE106K015CRLC0024↚He added, "We intend to send that message, how important it is to our national security."☪CDR32BP330BKYSAC◧Ahead of Tsai's visit to California, China labeled her planned meeting with McCarthy as a "provocation" and threatened "countermeasures" should the meeting go ahead. On Saturday, China's People's Liberation Army began live-fire joint force training exercises for its air force, navy and ground forces.☀


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CDR31BP101BFUS-ZANAE☆Though other eclipses occur more regularly, the last time a total solar eclipse crossed North America was on August 21, 2017.⊙SQCAEM1R9BAJWE↛His Q&A hits a snag when someone asks him to respond to a very tasteless joke that Matsson has made about Living+ and, uh, concentration camps. He plays it off.➲


◊The relentless Russian artillery bombardment left few buildings intact amid ferocious house-to-house battles. Wagner fighters "marched on the bodies of their own soldiers" according to Ukrainian officials. Both sides have spent ammunition at a rate unseen in any armed conflict for decades, firing thousands of rounds a day.♧2220J6300562MXR♥"It's an often overlooked area of Scotland that has some of the most beautiful scenery, natural coastline and extensive forests, along with a very low population density," Corrie told the paper.➳1210J2000470JCR▤He is expected to appear in Melbourne Magistrates' Court Thursday to answer a charge of "conspiracy to traffic commercial quantities of controlled drugs" after being extradited from the Netherlands.▧1825J0500221GCR✈Founded in 2010, ispace hopes to start turning a profit as a one-way taxi service to the moon for other businesses and organizations. Hakamada said Wednesday that a second mission is already in the works for next year.☣

★The shooting took place just two floors above him, he recounted.☢VJ0805A390KXACW1BC↴Indeed, states with abortion bans saw a larger decline in medical school seniors applying for residency in 2023 compared with states without bans, according to a study from the Association of American Medical Colleges. While applications for OB-GYN residencies are down nationwide, the decrease in states with complete abortion bans was more than twice as large as those with no restrictions (10.5% vs. 5.2%).ⓛ

⇪National Treasure entered Saturday's race at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore as the second betting choice behind Mage, who pulled off a longshot victory at the Kentucky Derby earlier this month. But in the end, Blazing Sevens came in second by a narrow margin and Mage took third.▓


♥In 2018, Susan Payne arrived there as a transitional minister. She says two things stood out during her first visit to the 36,000-square-foot building. One was a 100-year-old photograph labeled "Sunday School" that showed perhaps a thousand people at the church, she says. The other was when she asked to see the baptistery.£IXFX420N10T♥"In a very real sense, Donald Trump is a witness against himself," she said. "He knows what he did. He knows that he sexually assaulted E. Jean Carroll."♂CMA20E1600PB☝"The single most important predictor of a county's medical debt is the prevalence of chronic conditions. So it's basically the share of the population that has disease, such as diabetes, hypertension and other types," he says.❄DDZX20CQ-7♨Russian authorities blamed Ukraine's military intelligence for Dugina's death, but Kyiv denied involvement.⇟

➡Reynolds can't pinpoint exactly when Alzheimer's crept into her mother's life. A widow, Lewis-Thorpe had lived alone for several years and had made arrangements for her aging, including naming Reynolds as power-of-attorney agent. But, Reynolds lived 450 miles away from New Haven in Pittsburgh, Pa., and wasn't there to see her mom's incremental declines.☣0805J0500221GFT☋But methane and the rocket's oxidizer oxygen need to be chilled to very low temperatures, which may explain the frozen valve.➧


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