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▓"Allowing migrants to register for an exemption to Title 42 is a more humane alternative than leaving them vulnerable to misinformation from smugglers," Flores told CBS News. "This type of innovation in border processing is the future of orderly migration at the southern border."º

▓For the next hour, citizens of Twin Falls endured the sheer trauma of waiting. The school's 1,200 or so students cowered in classrooms and bathrooms, texting parents and friends and posting on social media. Law enforcement teams swept the school's two floors three times.⇆


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1206YE105ZAT2A↣The more specific concern, Kirtley says, involves a calculation: Can Fox and the Murdochs stomach a continuing parade of mortifying revelations, even if they do not affect the ultimate outcome of the trial?◧ZXMN6A09DN8TC▬U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington could not confirm the reports of an attack and that any such accounts from the Kremlin should be viewed with heavy skepticism, according to The Washington Post.⏎

◘A video circulating on social media shows Morant in a car with several other people, and at one point the NBA star is seen holding what appears to be a gun.◀


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D20BD100M1BX◈"Eventually I convinced him to leave Khartoum for a safe place. He was getting ready but then he was attacked," Eisa says.☼12101U560JAT2A❏"You could kill your way out of it," Rapp, the former ambassador, said. "And that's the lesson that Russia has taken to heart, too, as it commits these crimes in Ukraine."♠


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