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◎While the matter seems to be headed toward a resolution between the district and the Education Department, the roster of speakers at a recent Forsyth board meeting suggest that the debate over potentially banning more books isn't going away.↔SIL03N10-TP√Bausch says FIND is also working to support test makers based directly in low- and middle-income regions. "There's one in Dakar called DIATROPIX "that's trying to figure out what its sweet spot can be. It has no interest, of course, in getting into competition with huge diagnostic makers [in wealthy countries] that can sell tests for pennies. But there may be a niche for it in making products that a huge diagnostic maker [might] not consider has a large enough market."➙2225Y2000183MXR✑A classmate said she started doing drugs for fun and then got hooked. Another student said his addiction negatively impacts his mental health. A third announced an upcoming milestone.▣DZ4J200K0R➧Bees sting to defend themselves or their colony. When they sting, their stinger releases an alarm pheromone with a subtle, banana-like odor that attracts other bees nearby.●

◣That certification process prohibits growers from hiring children under 16 unless they're excused from attending school or involved in accredited learning programs, and it prohibits minors from doing tasks defined by the Labor Department as hazardous.✌CDRH8D38/ANP-150MC♨According to The New York Times, Ziff filed a police report in 2017, but no charges were filed. NPR hasn't been able to independently verify what the police report alleged. She told the Times she had been hesitant to come forward before now. "I couldn't even talk to anyone about it for the first few years, let alone imagine taking legal action," said Ziff, now 40 years old.♞


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1812Y1K00152FCT➣Austin said the mission to shoot down the balloon was conducted in coordination with the Canadian government.√C336C472GAG5TA7301♕"He was telling Republicans they should be going on other media channels, not just Fox," Ben Vihstadt said. "Republicans watch those channels too."◙

⇛“No, we can’t have that,” Cazares recounted thinking while campaigning as a write-in candidate.△

☏Their Tuesday afternoon meeting came a week after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers that without raising the debt ceiling, the government could run short of money to pay its bills as early as June 1.◘


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GQM2195C2A3R6BB01DBut here's what might surprise you — and what delights me as an astrophysicist: The positions of the stars have changed since then, not because the stars themselves have moved around, but because Earth's view of them has changed.☝CWR11HB225KBC↸The UH-60JA Black Hawk helicopter disappeared from radar on Thursday afternoon while on a reconnaissance mission north of Miyako island, the head of the Ground Self Defense Force, Yasunori Morishita, said at a news conference.○


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