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↡Biden is set to leave Wednesday for a trip to the G-7 summit in Japan and was planning to travel afterward to Australia to meet with the leaders of what's known as the Quad: the U.S., Australia, Japan and India. On the way to Sydney, Biden had planned to stop in Papua New Guinea to meet with leaders of Pacific Island nations.✏C315C131JAG5TA7301♬The families blamed police for not notifying them directly that another girl from the same school had run off to become an ISIS bride just months earlier. Instead, police gave girls at the school a letter to hand to their parents. But they never actually handed it over.☠GRM155R61A684KE15D♈Pogue asked, "Hasn't somebody in your immediate circle said, 'Guys, banning TikTok will be a political disaster'?"1808J2500183JXR▩Unfortunately, even this goes down in flames. Roman has gotten wise to the fake numbers and the potential for disaster, so he declines the flight jacket Kendall has made for him and he backs out, weasel-style, saying maybe he's not as qualified to sell this as Kendall.▩

♥U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Iraq Tuesday on an unannounced visit barely two weeks before the 20th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.▶SC63LCB-180☍GARY COHN: Well, Margaret Bank runs are bank runs. When people lose confidence in a bank, deposits go out the door very quickly. Banks are not designed to have deposits go out in massive scale. In fact, banks are designed to take your deposits and reinvest them back in the economy. They give out mortgages, they give out car loans. They give out student loans. They allow you to have your credit cards. So there is not that much liquidity in a bank to allow that to happen. When confidence is gone, people say, look, I will take my money to someplace else where I have more confidence and we are starting to see that run through the system. And there's a contagion effect. You say, okay, one bank has the problem, okay, another bank has. The problem is the bank I'm in, is it safe? And I have any doubt whatsoever that it's not safe. I'm going to move to the safest place I can because it's better safe than sorry when it's your own hard earned dollars.▲


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SQCB5C822KAT1A\500❉A few months after the visit with Daniel's family, Aurora is at school, sitting with two other girls on the blue foam carpet in the first-grade classroom. She wears her white and navy blue school uniform. Her long blond hair is pinned up with a red Minnie Mouse bow.❂CDR32BP911BKZSAC♦The former producer, Abby Grossberg, voluntarily dropped a related case against Fox and Carlson in Delaware on Tuesday; her attorneys released a statement saying she would fold those accusations into her case in New York.↞

○Officials confirmed the report, confiscated all remains and intercepted an additional set of packages containing parts as they were being shipped in Scranton.◥


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GA0603Y471KXAAC31G↡Rutgers AAUP-AFT General Vice President Todd Wolfson told NPR that those negotiations were expected to begin Monday afternoon.✲B37871K5471J060◨It isn't clear which side has paid a higher price in the battle for Bakhmut. Both Russia and Ukraine have endured losses believed to be in the thousands, though neither has disclosed casualty numbers.☺

➝The majority of the injuries to civilians are from bullets and shrapnel, from people being caught in the crossfire. The heavy use of artillery and street fighting is also preventing the injured to reach hospitals. There are dead bodies lying in the streets and nobody can retrieve them. We have received 183 wounded patients at the MSF-supported hospital in El Fasher in North Darfur. Eleven have died.◙

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