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♦The question is, what should be done about it?♧


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C1808C101KDGACTU→Rich Rodriguez, the head football coach at the Alabama university, mourned the death of Dowdell in a statement on Twitter.♧CWR11NC225KBB▅MAKRIDIS: We were looking for stuff that confirmed our hypotheses as opposed to looking at everything.▧


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2225Y6K00121FCR◄NPR spoke to Dr. Ghazali Babiker, country director for medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières in Sudan, who is in Khartoum.↗1210Y5000222KET▤While the calm appeared to bring a sense of relief to Gaza's 2 million people and hundreds of thousands of Israelis who had been largely confined to bomb shelters in recent days, the agreement did nothing to address the underlying issues that have fueled numerous rounds of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip over the years.◈


◘She was incredibly frustrated that she then had to try and re-enroll her children in health insurance, while figuring out how to get her son's care back on track.❀1111J1500511GQT➜Israel, which has vowed to stop Iranian entrenchment in Syria, has carried out hundreds of strikes in government-controlled parts of that country in recent years, though it rarely acknowledges them. Before the latest strikes, Syrian officials had attributed 10 attacks to Israel this year, some of which put the Damascus and Aleppo airports temporarily out of service and killed civilians as well as Syrian soldiers and Iranian military advisers.▧A177RPD⇌Each Patriot battery consists of a truck-mounted launching system with eight launchers that can hold up to four missile interceptors each, a ground radar, a control station and a generator. The Army said it currently has 16 Patriot battalions.↿BZG05C13-HE3-TR⇉The shooting took place in a church and killed 25 people including a pregnant woman. Officials put the death toll at 26, and it remains the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history.↱

◎But the two sides were still far apart on spending caps for federal programs for some length of time (the White House is pushing for a two-year timeframe, but House Republicans want one that lasts 10 years) and new work requirements for adults without dependents who receive support from safety net programs like food stamps. They also remain divided on "revenue raisers" like closing loopholes in the tax code, the source said.⇍2225J6300823JXR▶"I knew before I started that a large aspect of this race is luck and a large aspect is preparation," Neuschafer told NPR by satellite phone in February as she was about to round Cape Horn, where she faced 55 mile-per-hour winds and seas of 25 feet.❧


▌Louisiana State University beat the University of Iowa in the women's NCAA tournament final on Sunday in a matchup full of historic firsts and dramatic moments.▐1812Y1000332FFR➤Indeed, especially since 2016, it seems, and the release of now Republican senator J. D. Vance's popular — and also critiqued — book, Hillbilly Elegy, there has been an odd smugness among people who've never set foot in the region casually analyzing and diagnosing it like armchair therapists. Thankfully, there are also those pushing back against oversimplified narratives.➡1210J2000102GCT▒Courts have not yet weighed in on AI's use in music and it's unclear how any profit would shake out legally. Grimes asked creators to register music with her website.▧TO5022-2R2M➤Immediately after the game, Reese told ESPN that she had been eager to whip out the move, saying "Caitlin Clark is a hell of a player for sure, but I don't take disrespect lightly."➽

◊He and his lawyer, John Dean III, are heard talking about collecting money to pay off the men who broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Washington, D.C., Watergate Office Building.➨1111Y1K02P10DQT➲Local media images also showed empty streets in the eastern city of Mawlamyine.➽

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