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☺Following years of back-and-forth between the agency and the drugmaker Covis Pharma, the FDA's decision came suddenly Thursday. It means the medication, Makena, and its generics are no longer approved drug products and can no longer "lawfully be distributed in interstate commerce," according to an agency statement.➪


░“It grew on me pretty quick,” Kleinschmidt said, chuckling.▪C410C330FAG5TA◎In a news release Wednesday, the agency said the search was suspended pending "further developments" after SEMAR — the Mexican navy — and the Coast Guard spent roughly 280 hours searching Mexico's northern Pacific coast.•CDR32BP751BFUR⊙Yet in ensuing days, viewers peeled away. Major Fox News stars such as Dobbs, Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro embraced the claims that Dominion machines switched Trump votes to Biden and other far-fetched accounts of voting fraud. Along with Hannity and Carlson, they gave Trump allies the airtime to make similar claims.▯VJ1206Y391JBCAT4X◤"Nurses don't feel safe in many of the hospitals around the country. And we've heard horrendous stories. That also gets tied back into short staffing," she said.▨

웃Pyatt said firefighters were called to the hostel at about 12:30 a.m. Emergency officials said the building had no fire sprinklers, which Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said was not required in New Zealand's building code for older buildings that would have to be retrofitted.➸LLST-15➟The business itself initially comes about as an act of desperation. Autumn is waitlisted for her dream school: Mercer School of Business, Great Lakes University. It's an unbelievable notification, since overachieving Autumn had all the right boxes checked and a scholarship that should have made her a shoe in. Unfortunately, Mercer was the only college to which Autumn applied.⇂


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MMSZ4696T☁Writers and production companies are grappling with how to reconcile drastically different ideas of how the media business should handle streaming platforms. It's a new version of their perennial disagreement over residual payments — the money that writers get when their material is reused. And compared to the last big strike, which lasted from 2007 to 2008, new players are involved.☣T495C336K016ATE230☭JAKARTA, Indonesia — Under a cloudless sky, about 20,000 eclipse chasers watched a rare solar eclipse plunge part of Australia's northwest coast into brief midday darkness Thursday with an accompanying temperature drop.の


▨In a single day, a mysterious caller described as having an accent will call the non-emergency line of a local police department, reporting an ongoing threat by citing specific information about a classroom or a teacher that doesn't actually exist.➡C1206C681M5GACTU↯There hasn't been a federal execution since President Biden took office.▯VJ1210Y563JLCAJ32→A Fox spokesperson said neither the network nor parent company Fox Corp. are commenting on the letter.▃2225J0630223JDR☣In recent weeks, before the former president was indicted, Jordan and two other Republican House committee chairmen sent a letter to Bragg asking for documents and testimony related to the Trump investigation. The members called Bragg's investigation politically motivated and an abuse of power. Bragg's office responded with a letter defending its work, and said that Congress doesn't have oversight of state prosecutors. The letter said the information Jordan was asking for at the time was confidential and about a pending criminal investigation.↕

☆My mom was an angel. She was a true angel. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her son. I saw all the social media reactions to my post. I've received so many direct messages on Twitter and Facebook, and I don't know 99 percent of the people who sent them. Those people were her patients, colleagues and friends. Some were even strangers. The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors put an announcement on Twitter about my mom's death and people from all over showed up. They sent me their condolences and asked me if I needed anything. It's just in the Sudanese people's nature to support each other. My mom did so much good for people that I didn't even know about.☏1206Y0250561MXT☀Iran has alleged, without providing evidence, that Akbari served as a source for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, known popularly as MI6. A lengthy statement issued by Iran's judiciary claimed Akbari received large sums of money, his British citizenship and other help in London for providing information to the intelligence service.❤


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SS2P4HE3/84A❦Montana state lawmakers are moving legislation that seeks to decouple abortion access from the constitutional right to privacy, along with other measures that would restrict abortion. Gianforte's administration and conservative lawmakers are also trying to make it more difficult for Medicaid patients to obtain medically necessary abortions.↩BD17510STU→Hearing her story, we both nod. Our banks, too, denied us credit cards at first, despite steady paychecks deposited into savings accounts.▃

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