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VJ0805A270GLCAJ32◐As he showed up, the courtroom was stormed by dozens of agents from the accountability bureau, backed by paramilitary troops, breaking windows after Khan's guards refused to open the door.♪1206J5000152MXT▣"Ooh, a little different than a basketball press conference. A lot of media in here," she said with a laugh.♝

✐"It's a novelty. Maybe they've never seen anything like that before, but it's real typical in Idaho," he told KTVB-TV. "When you're out in rural parts of Idaho in the spring and summer, or fall, you could run into a cattle drive or a sheep drive."❀


⇩"Our hearts are hurting, and we have considered what would be best for our students in the coming days," the school wrote in a letter to parents, adding that classes would continue, but upcoming graduation ceremonies scheduled for the week were postponed. Grief counselors would also be made available to students throughout the week.◦1812J0160150JFR◦NPR's Washington Desk, National Desk, Ximena Bustillo and Rachel Treisman contributed reporting.✥CDR34BX184AKMSAB★American Gas Association president and CEO Karen Harbert said in a statement that natural gas has helped drive down carbon emissions and that banning it in new buildings would hurt energy customers.▮TBJA106K010LBLB0024☀There are circumstances that elicit a different kind of response. Take their Young Africa Live program. "If there are any messages related to needing help, being suicidal or being depressed," explains Madanda, "we are able to pick out certain words that we can then escalate from a mental health perspective." That escalation may involve a more urgent suggestion to seek medical help and the opportunity to speak directly with a counselor through a government hotline if they choose.☜

▦She said the Hernando County School District sent a note to the parents of children in the class informing them that their children had been shown the film.☃HK1005R22J-TV❈Speaking to the remainder of Fox's argument, Davis warned attorneys to "stay away from the word 'newsworthy'" in opening statements, because he had previously ruled it is not a legal defense against defamation. Still, he said, he would allow Fox hosts testifying during trial to state whether they personally believed false claims against Dominion were newsworthy.□

▀Suburban women voters have become an increasingly important bloc for both political parties. Because suburbs across the country have been shifting politically in the last few elections, voter behavior in these areas can be harder to predict. Abortion policies being pushed by Republicans across the country, however, could be tipping many women in these areas squarely out of favor with Republicans.⇅


→The agency added that it will not release the identities of anyone under the age of 18 nor the victims who are injured.♥CDR31BX681BKZRAP☜Christie Stephenson, spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said Democrats will evaluate the bill "if House Republicans can ever agree with themselves about how much they want to devastate American families in order to finance tax cuts for the wealthy, well-off and well-connected."❤SDR0906-152KL➽At least nine people were killed, including the gunman, and seven others injured in the wake of an afternoon shooting at an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb on Saturday, police said.▆RA201836XX✿"Our military keep fortifications and several premises in the southwestern part of the city. Heavy fighting is underway," he said.▭

♛There is fighting in the streets and snipers on top of buildings. The humanitarian assistance has been completely jeopardized. We have medical supplies, but we can't move them. The situation is too unpredictable, we can't take the risk to move our staff when we have zero guarantee of their safety. Most people are sheltering wherever they were on Saturday, so in the worst areas people have been trapped for four days. In other areas movement is possible but limited due to armed vehicles roaming around the neighborhood.▐M39003/01-2372◦He was traded to the Kansas City Royals in March 1982 and released from the team that August. In December of that year, he was sentenced to three months in prison for possession of cocaine. He was suspended by the league and missed the 1984 season.⇩


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