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→A couple dozen activists, including one wearing a mask of the head of the Swiss central bank, took parting shots at Credit Suisse: Some held signs decrying the bank's ties to Mozambique, where the lender was found to have violated anti-money-laundering rules that led to nearly $700 million in settlements to British and U.S. authorities.⇝C1210X680J8HAC7800☜In New York, a civil claim of battery may encompass a wide range of unwanted physical contact. In addition to asking whether Trump "raped" Carroll, the jury was asked to consider whether he "sexually abused" her or "forcibly touched" her.★C430C104J5R5TA☈His death was confirmed Saturday by the Sydney hospital where he spent several days with complications following hip surgery.✿C0603X120M8HAC7867➟At least three of the injured victims were sent to Grady Memorial Hospital and were in critical condition as of Wednesday evening, according to Dr. Robert Jansen, the hospital's chief of staff, who briefed the media Wednesday.↚

➽Vanzeir added that he would accept any suspension, fine or counseling handed down and that he would "use this opportunity to better myself, reflect and dedicate my time and efforts to work with organizations that tackle racial injustice."◆T322B334K050AT◐Murdaugh admitted during his murder trial that he had created a web of financial crimes that bilked millions from vulnerable clients of his law practice, saying: “I believe the people I had stole money from for all of those years trusted me.” Murdaugh, the patriarch of a South Carolina legal dynasty whose case drew international attention, apologized several times during his testimony for swindling clients among whom were teenage girls and a quadriplegic man.♘


⇩One of the collection's recurring motifs is a masculine softness that isn't always easy to express in words but that is nevertheless deeply felt. In "Steer," for instance, a 50-year-old father, Roy, contemplates his son nearing his 16th birthday. Roy wants to teach his son to be a man who can roll with the punches of life, but "he wanted him, also, to be free and light and open. He feared his son would inherit from him the maintenance and heft of this border around his heart he was constantly buttressing and closing off to guarantee hurt would not breach it." In another story, "Seed to Full," a man doesn't know how to comfort his wife or convey his own grief, so he focuses on what he can control, his work as a sawyer, and builds a coffin "straight and true from wood [he'd himself] sanded and stained, rubbed with linseed until [his] hands were raw."➢GA1206A560FXCBP31GFormer President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson are among the Republicans who've already announced their bid for the GOP ticket.♦SK010NRP□On Saturday, King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, are expected to be crowned at Westminster Abbey — continuing a tradition that dates back more than 1,000 years.☊CWR09DB335KP☃Additionally, the U.S. will continue to admit 30,000 migrants a month from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua, as long as they have applied online and have secured a financial sponsor. Mexico has agreed to continue taking back the same number who cross illegally.☁

▽Aja Romano, a culture reporter for Vox who's written about the "Dark Brandon" meme, said it's helping to transform the public's perception of the octogenarian president from a bland figure to something more exciting.↸IRFZ44Z▯"Politics was no longer something for the debating floor or the voting booth," prosecutor Conor Mulroe told jurors in his closing argument last week. "For them, politics meant actual physical violence. ... And they liked it and they were good at it."♐

▥In a scathing 114-page report, the Fed says its own supervisors were slow to grasp the extent of the problems at Silicon Valley Bank, and when problems were identified, supervisors failed to move aggressively enough to ensure those problems were fixed.ღ


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S4924-155H✲"They have basically ruined my life," Carpenter said. "I've not been able to get a job, and I'm a journeyman by trade, a painter."♂1808Y0500221JXT∴Other research has found that pure silence can be healing. In one study on mice, scientists tracked brain cell growth among mice that were exposed to white noise, mice pup sounds, classical music and ambient sounds, and they compared those mice with mice that were left in silence. The mice that were left in silence had the most significant brain cell growth, leading researchers to conclude that the act of listening to silence regenerates nerve cells.◎


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1206Y1K00471MET▮It advised those living in areas at risk of the ash cloud to carefully follow any instruction from the authorities and urged locals and tourists to avoid a restricted area of 7 kilometers around the volcano.⊙0805J3000131KQT↡Part of what might enable Starship to withstand multiple launches is a powerful new engine design called Raptor. SpaceX has already seen a few early failures in previous demonstration tests.★

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