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▬Residents shared stories Thursday of children who live near railways having to share inhalers to ease asthma symptoms and families taking extreme measures to rid their homes of diesel fumes.♙VS-30BQ100HM3/9AT▫Democratic aides say they have pressed for tax increases as part of any spending cap deal. But last week Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., called revenues another red line for McCarthy.⇌NSVRB751S40T1G↑The strike and its disputes raise ethical questions for Fortmueller as a viewer. On one hand, she says, there are so many shows to watch, and only so much time. But she also wants to support full-length shows, and the writers behind them.➷V20PW45-M3/I♟At another point, as Sacks attempted to speak, an echo reverberated his words back to him. "It just keeps crashing, huh?" an unidentified speaker was heard saying, as Musk and his team scrambled to fix the problem.✲

➙Murdoch's News Group Newspapers has argued that a British High Court judge should throw out the phone hacking lawsuits because the claims were brought too late, according to The Associated Press.유VJ0603Q1R5CEAAI↲The restaurant's Orlando location is asking the court to block the implementation of the state's new law. Other Hamburger Mary's locations across Florida and the rest of the U.S. are not part of the suit.▏


➫Meanwhile, Julie Zahringer, whose family settled in the valley from Spain nearly 400 years ago, has been watching water-quality trends firsthand. Zahringer, 47, grew up driving a tractor on her grandfather's ranch near San Luis, Colorado's oldest town — and hanging out in the lab with her mother, a scientist.☆GCM1885C1H9R8CA16D▽Austin is the highest ranking cabinet official to visit Iraq since the beginning of the Biden administration.▥1210Y6300820GCT⇨Those who've wondered what lurks in the dark depths of the ocean have a new answer.○13008-061KESZ☼That included the Irish illustrator Pan Cooke. As a white man who lived thousands of miles away from the ongoing protests, the racial reckoning gave him the chance to educate himself about why police brutality had been dominating headlines.↗

⇙Since Democrats began formally hosting conventions under the party name in 1832, Chicago has been the site of 12 conventions. The first convention in Chicago dates back to 1864 when George McClellan and George Pendleton were nominated as the presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, at a time the party was split by the ongoing Civil War, according to the Library of Congress. (President Abraham Lincoln won that election, securing a second term.)➜2220Y1000683GCT⇠Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the goal of the war games was to test the capability of Russia's armed forces to mount a response to aggression.☻


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HER1606G C0G♡"I think that people being given an opportunity to volunteer that information is important," says Rebecca Moon, president of the Shoals Diversity Center, a nonprofit organization based in Florence, Ala., that offers mental health support for the LGBTQ community and supports increasing government data collection. "Not everyone is out, especially in the South. There's a lot of LGBTQ hatred."◙1206Y0500910KQT▩The Nebraska proposal, backed by Republican Gov. Jim Pillen, is unlikely to move forward this year after the bill banning abortion around the sixth week of pregnancy fell one vote short of breaking a filibuster.♣

Using data from the Rand Corp., CBS News reported that roughly 46% of adults in New Mexico had at least one gun at home in 2021. The state ranked 21st in a list of states and gun ownership. Texas, with more than 1 million gun licenses and roughly 46% of adults reporting they live in a home with guns, ranked first.➸


§"They were under a city order to clean up and remediate that site," Snow told The Associated Press. "We knew that was a fire hazard the way they were storing materials."✍VJ0603Y102KXQPW1BC▪Santos, who represents communities on Long Island and in Queens, previously gave up all committee assignments because of the scandals he faces.❂C315C151F3G5TA①But if media companies want out, it's not going to be an easy transition, since news sites have become so entangled with social media.↭TBJD156K035LRLB0024♤The election comes as Turkey is grappling with sky-high inflation and grieving and rebuilding from February's deadly earthquakes. Internationally, the country's trying to hold together a Ukraine grain export deal to help maintain global food supplies during Russia's invasion. But the Turkish government has complicated efforts to expand NATO over issues with Kurdish militants from Turkey taking refuge in Europe.◧

□Seven others were injured in the attack and taken to nearby hospitals, officials said. As of Sunday morning, Medical City McKinney was treating four patients — one in fair condition and three in critical condition. One person was transferred to Medical City Plano, a Level I Trauma Center, and is in fair condition. Another went to Medical City Children's Hospital and is in fair condition. Yet another victim was treated at a different hospital nearby.☞FFP08S60SNTU☪The ban allowed weapons or magazines that were manufactured before the law went into effect in 1994 to be owned or resold.♬

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