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TAAC336K020G♟As she reflects on the end of the state of emergency, she notes that she has changed the way she interacts with friends. Instead of hugging and shaking hands, she just waves with her right hand or clasps her hands and bows as a sign of respect.▬SR212A471JAATR1£"I never thought anything like this could happen in America," Trump said from his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, after flying back from New York, where he pleaded not guilty to felony falsification of business records charges. "The only crime I've committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it."♭


↵The recent tensions stem from disagreement over how the RSF, headed by Dagalo, should be integrated into the armed forces and what authority should oversee the process. The merger is a key condition of Sudan's unsigned transition agreement with political groups.♣CD214A-R1200☁Rio Cortez, the book's author, stated, "It only further affirms for me that there's revolutionary power in understanding history."▀1210Y1000822JFT⇏"Many financial institutions have policies and practices in place that effectively exclude some immigrants from access to banking services and to credit due to immigration status, even among those with prime or near-prime credit scores," the CFPB's Sonia Lin later wrote in a post.➤T95D336K025LZSS▣Phil Dowdell, her grandson, was weeks from graduation and planned to attend Jacksonville State on a football scholarship, Allen told the Montgomery Advertiser.ぃ

웃On Thursday evening, Rice issued an order affirming that for the 17 states and D.C. — the parties in the case before him — access to mifepristone should remain unchanged, regardless of the Texas judge's injunction and the Fifth Circuit's decision. So these cases remain on a collision course.❑GCG21BR71E564JA01K▄People who suspect that debris from the fire ended up on their property are being encouraged to call the Richmond Community Helpline and also register their information with the EPA.↻


❑The next total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. will occur just shy of one year from now on April 8, 2024.▣GA0603A2R2CBCAR31G✤With his first major league at-bat under his belt, Maggi crossed another item off the bucket list on Friday: The Pirates named him to their starting lineup at third base.▫CDR31BP221BFMMAJ❄Following the recent leak, the Pentagon said they are reevaluating who gets access to these kind of files.↞0603J2500821KDT✆Administration officials announced Thursday they will be soliciting comments for a proposed rule that would "adapt current policies to protect, conserve and manage national forests and grasslands for climate resilience."Ю

↜Increasingly, Bausch says, he's come to appreciate that, "the impact is with trying to change the system."☀GA1210Y222MXEAT31G✪The flurry of traffic marked a key moment, says Hong Qu, a researcher of media and information sharing from Harvard University. The rush to discuss the bombings was the first time the mainstream public embraced Twitter — not just as a way to organize within communities, but to "broadcast information to the whole world," Qu told NPR.☼


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JAN1N4103C-1↯He was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. Prosecutors said that before joining the corps and while on active duty, he and couriers he recruited made dozens of smuggling trips across the border.➞VRR07M682JGA⇃That dragged down other European banks after the collapse of some U.S. banks stirred fears about the health of global banks. European bank shares recovered a bit Thursday, with the Euro Stoxx Banks index of 21 leading lenders up 1.6%, following a steep 8.4% drop Wednesday. Bank stalwarts like Commerzbank, Santander, Unicredit and Raiffaisen all rose more than 2%.☇


☺Recounting the band's origins, Rourke told MOJO magazine that he had taken lessons in classical guitar but later switched to bass after realizing that the bassist in an early band he was in with Marr could only play one song: "Don't Believe A Word," by Thin Lizzy.☪VJ0805D200FXPAJ◊A senior Ukrainian security official, Oleksii Danilov said that no more than five people know when and where the Ukrainian operation will begin.☂VJ1812Y682KXEAT5Z☜Vinha also says the negative view of schools — many right-wing Brazilians have in recent years voiced concern over subjects like politics and gender being discussed in schools, two topics they believe should be taught at home — and their role in students' lives also needs to shift. School is often the only place students regularly frequent outside their home, so it needs to be a place where they feel heard and where conflicts can be resolved, says Vinha, noting that methods to mitigate and deal with bullying and fighting should be taught to educators. She also suggests regular discussions among students about their problems, both in groups and one-on-one with reliable peers, could help.☆HFA16PB120▇"Well done Andy. We'll miss you brother," Marr added.❂

☋"I sympathize with the family and friends of the journalist and thank all who, risking their own lives, continue to tell the truth about our war," Kyrylenko said.⇐HTPT66R-393K◫Shortly before 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, police were called to a residence in Clay County, Mo., in the northern part of Kansas City. They found that a teenager had been "shot in front of the residence by a homeowner," said Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves at a Sunday press conference.▪


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