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VJ0402A2R7CLAAJ32➪Travis Considine, a spokesman for DPS, characterized Kindell’s dismissal letter as a “preliminary decision” that will not be finalized until the officer is given a chance to meet with McCraw. In the meantime, Kindell has been “suspended with pay.”﹌VJ0805D680KXCAP▤The conservative Chosun Ilbo, South Korea's biggest newspaper by circulation, acknowledged that Kishida's comments were insufficient to ease South Korean frustrations over history but also said that the summit reflected the countries' "desperate" need for cooperation.✈

➡Ever wondered why your hair turns gray as you age? A team of researchers says it has identified the root cause as trapped stem cells — and that means new tips for naturally fending off grays from your mane could be coming soon.▱

█The hunting category controversy has highlighted the debate over how best to handle pest control in New Zealand.♞


♡Just meters from a busy train station in the heart of Paris, scientists have uncovered 50 graves in an ancient necropolis which offer a rare glimpse of life in the modern-day French capital's predecessor, Lutetia, nearly 2,000 years ago.◙ELJ-RE82NGF3⊕One key military aspect of the declaration is the U.S. promise to dispatch a nuclear ballistic missile submarine to South Korea for a visit at an undisclosed date, to deter North Korea and demonstrate Washington's resolve to defend its ally. But experts see this as a symbolic gesture that comes with risks.✍1206J0160333GCT⇃LGBTQ people living in Kenya have often decried discrimination and attacks in a country where sex between men is illegal.◐2N6111G✌The NSC paper said the U.S. has facilitated the departures "of more than 950 American citizens who sought assistance to leave," as well as many Afghans who have helped the U.S.⇈

➯"It's killing koalas because they become so sick they can't climb trees to get food, or escape predators, and females can become infertile," said Samuel Phillips, a microbiologist at the University of the Sunshine Coast who helped to develop the vaccine.☣VJ0805D130JXXAJ✿Prosecutors argued that Nasyrova had poisoned her friend in order to steal her identity so that she wouldn't have to return to Russia, where she is wanted for a 2014 murder.⇍

⇥In 1991, on the same day Nebraska passed a law mandating parental notification for minors seeking an abortion, Carhart's farm burned down. The fire killed 17 horses, a cat and a dog, Newsweek reported, and the local fire department did not determine the cause of the fire. The next day, his clinic received a letter arguing for the murder of abortion providers, the magazine said.◦


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