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K153M15X7RK5UH5▔Serbia has tens of thousands of weapons brought in from the battlefields of the 1990's wars in the Balkans. Similar weapons amnesties were held in the past with only limited success.↭C1206C510J1HACAUTO➮It happened in Brighton, Colo., where a commenter shared a fake video purporting to be coverage on Fox News to a post by local news station KUSA. A Facebook user whose name is labeled "My Page" and whose profile picture is a beach scene, frequently posts fake news links to a site called "," about hoax shooting calls and other tragic events on their main profile and in the comment sections of local official Facebook posts. (The page appeared to "like" and "follow" local police station accounts across the country.)⊞


✡Haley then asked about Malcolm X — and in a major discrepancy, the word "disservice" isn't part of King's answer, according to the records:↯T95R187M6R3LZSL•McMahon, in an interview with CNBC, addressed the notion that there was doubt among some WWE fans and industry experts that he would ever make a deal for the business. "It's the right time to do the right thing. And it's the next evolution of WWE," he said.▰GMC10X7R822K100NT웃Following a 3-1 victory over a team called Boreham Wood on Saturday, Wrexham has gained promotion — the process by which a club moves into a higher quality playing tier — and starting in August will take its place in League Two, which is actually the fourth highest tier in English soccer.⇑C0603X132K8HAC7867ⓛBritish political campaign group "Led By Donkeys" claimed responsibility for the stunt. In a statement, the group said: "Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Putin's imperialist invasion of Ukraine, an independent state and a people with every right to self-determination. The existence of a massive Ukrainian flag outside his embassy in London will serve to remind him of that."♨

☆Otieno, who struggled with mental illness, died March 6 after he was pinned to the floor while being admitted to Central State Hospital in Dinwiddie County.§VJ0805A220FXACW1BC♘One of the few federal laws that addresses lending to immigrants — the Community Reinvestment Act — encourages banks to meet the credit needs of people from all income brackets. The effect on foreign-born borrowers is hard to track. U.S. financial watchdogs are working on more financial advice in foreign languages; they rely on immigrants themselves to submit complaints.❑


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C315C333M5U5CAღShearer told NBC affiliate KXAN that once the girls saw he had a gun "they tried to speed off and he shot ... five times or so into the car."☠1206J0100122KCT↟Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation and does not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel, while publicly supporting the Palestinian cause.큐


↔This month, Malia, 17, finished high school as a home-schooled student, and her family arranged a party in an airport hangar. Majcunich-Beasley, who retired in March 2021, thought the gathering would be a perfect chance to reconnect with the firefighter.❤B82496C3479J↳The Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a news release that the indictments relate to an event on Aug. 11, 2017. That's when a group of white nationalists carrying torches marched through the campus of the University of Virginia, some chanting, "Jews will not replace us."♐1812Y2500331FFT☟Earlier this month, a Texas hospital's care for transgender minors came under investigation by state Attorney General Ken Paxton, who said he was seeking evidence of alleged "potentially illegal activity" without elaborating.☠1111Y2509P10HQT❃Details of the final month of the withdrawal were included in the Pentagon's previous investigation of a bombing outside the Kabul airport that killed 13 U.S. service members and over 100 Afghans in the chaotic final days of the withdrawal. That report detailed how the administration's lack of coordination over the withdrawal put the burden on young service members to "play God" to decide who left the Afghan capital.◈

↔Meloni's government — Italy's most far-right leadership since the days of dictator Benito Mussolini — swept elections last year in part on promises to crack down on migration."❦SC62LCB-120➷The power company Ukrenergo said the situation with the electricity supply in Kyiv was now "more complicated."⇪


✡House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has indicated his panel will also probe the nature of the breach.□ZMY18-GS08↚On April 12, Dr. Mohamed Eisa, a gastroenterologist from Pittsburgh, flew to Sudan after his father passed away. Three days later, an explosion shook his family's house in the capital of Khartoum, signaling the beginning of turmoil between military forces that has claimed more than 500 lives and injured more than 4,000 people.➨TAS107K010P1F█"If you look at the way this has actually been implemented across the country, DEI is better viewed as standing for discrimination, exclusion and indoctrination," DeSantis said during a news conference at New College of Florida in Sarasota. "And that has no place in our public institutions."∎JANTXV1N753A-1▀Volkswagen has recalled 143,000 of its Atlas SUVs in the U.S. because of faulty wiring in a weight sensor on the front passenger side, which can switch off the airbag when there's someone sitting there. Owners shouldn't let people ride in that seat until the problem can be corrected, the company advised.▱

┲Nationwide, about 100 million people — including 41% of adults — have some kind of health care debt, KFF Health News found in an investigation conducted with NPR to explore the scale and impact of the nation's medical debt crisis.ⓛ1825HA471MAT3A❤SAN FRANCISCO — Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes appears to be soon bound for prison after an appeals court Tuesday rejected her bid to remain free while she tries to overturn her conviction in a blood-testing hoax that brought her fleeting fame and fortune.♂


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