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VJ0805Y152MXBPW1BC✿During the Trump administration, the then-evening anchor was seen as an outspoken critic of the president.⇄SIR476DP-T1-GE3➻Eight more hours on call.✪

⇂When I told them about it [in 2018], they seemed reluctant while staying quasi-happy about the news [that I was writing a book that included them in it]. But I don't think we've seen each other face to face since 2017. I also have some reason to believe they don't want to read the book.⇧


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0805J5000220FCT☪According to Weather.com meteorologist Jonathan Erdman, Mawar became the 15th typhoon of at least Category 4 strength to pass within 70 miles of Guam since World War II.☆0805Y1000272KDRˍBut "consort" isn't really part of the title, says librarian and royal historian Marlene Koenig. She tells NPR she's not surprised that it wasn't on the invitation.▦

◆Thousands of others are hoping the same is true for them.➝

█Wind from the west blew black smoke across the state border into Ohio.■


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