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1808J5K00150KCR▥"But what if they can get us?" he squeaks, his hands holding the seat in front of him.☂2225J0250823MXT☢"The fact that [Teixeira] had access at all, that even he could access these documents and gain that knowledge is inappropriate, needs to be fixed, and that's what we're going to be addressing on Capitol Hill," the Ohio Republican told Fox News.⇦

✌"That was the last parent that we had left after the pandemic took away our dad from us," he says. "We really weren't prepared for that as we were still dealing with losing my dad." Virginia had recovered from a severe case of COVID for which she'd been hospitalized, and Lerma's family wonders if the strokes may have been a post-COVID complication.☼


↨Thefts of Hyundai and Kia vehicles have exploded recently. Los Angeles saw an 85% increase in Hyundai and Kia thefts in 2022, while Minneapolis says it saw thefts of the two makes jump by 836% last year.♪C1206C682M5GECAUTO∎In a statement released Tuesday evening, a spokesperson for the network said "Rupert Murdoch has been listed as executive chairman of FOX News in our SEC filings since 2019 and this filing was referenced by Dominion's own attorney during his deposition."✡1206J1000332KXT¤"Think of the thinspiration of social media influencers," Charlesworth says.↝1210R-221J↑He said he had been intending to create an account following Florida's government jet and eventually got around to it, given the buzz around the expected Republican presidential hopeful.✙

▮ ╬GCJ219R71C105MA01J☾The California condor is one of the world's largest birds with a wingspan of up to 10 feet (3 meters). The birds once patrolled the sky from Mexico to British Columbia. Condors can live for 60 years and fly vast distances, which is why their range can extend into several states.➬


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5022-303H◄It was clearly intended to be the end, as Hawke took the mic and started to thank everyone for coming.▣VS-12CWQ06FNTRRHM3♕As congregations wind down, they're not always planning for the future, says Dominic Dutra, a Fremont, Calif.-based real estate consultant who specializes in "reimagining church spaces." Although Christian theology is "grounded in death and resurrection," most troubled churches have difficulty accepting reality until it's too late, he says.①

♠SEN. KELLY: Well, I think this issue is so important to address and so tragic. And you know, Margaret, I'm a gun owner. I'm a supporter of the Second Amendment, but we make it so easy for irresponsible people and criminal- criminals to get access to firearms. There are three schools in Arizona that have already gained access to this money, but you know, moving it into the states and into communities faster is going to be- it's going to be helpful.↔

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