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1210J2000221FCT♨Holly Nicastro of the NIH Office of Nutrition Research says the goal of the precision nutrition study is to help develop tailored approaches for people. "We'll use machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop algorithms that can predict how individuals will respond to a given food or dietary pattern," Nicastro says.✄APT8043BFLLGThe current standards require federal forms that ask participants their identities to inquire about race and ethnicity through two separate questions. That's why on census forms, for example, before you see the race question, there's a question about Hispanic or Latino identity, which the U.S. government considers to be an ethnicity that can be of any race.→


↕The clinic's director, Angela Franey, had previously voiced support for the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision.░TPME227M016R0040◄The 1993 fire at Blue Mountain Clinic was part of a particularly violent period of anti-abortion attacks in the U.S. that continued through the 1990s and 2000s, when clinics were bombed and abortion providers killed. Now, less than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, rhetorical and physical attacks have increased against clinics that still provide abortions in conservative-led states.◎K101K15X7RK5TH5↘Galveston, Texas, has some of the fastest sea level rise in the world. To protect the city, engineers need to know how fast ice in West Antarctica will melt. Scientists are racing to figure it out, often camping out on the ice for weeks on end to study the effects of climate change.♠CDR31BP101BJYSAR✐The downward trend is likely due in some part to America's ongoing racial reckoning.☪

↥"Yeah, the words 'just' and 'New York' should actually never be in the same sentence," Bogdanos replied. "Sure, It's just New York. We do have the best galleries in the world, some of the finest museums in the world. More importantly, if it passes through New York, we have jurisdiction no matter where it is now. If the wire transfer was made in New York, we have jurisdiction, no matter where it is now; if it was offered for sale, if it was shown at an auction. So, sure, my jurisdiction is limited to New York City. But to update a phrase, all roads lead to New York."✍1111Y5001P10BUT❒A batch of letters released by the Library of Congress revealed that the 29th president, Warren Harding, was embroiled in at least two hush money agreements.▒

⇓"Air bag inflators that project metal fragments into vehicle occupants, rather than properly inflating the attached air bag, create an unreasonable risk of death and injury," Stephen Ridella, director of NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation, wrote in a letter to ARC.⇄


❖A global operation in 2018 saw 8 tons of pangolin scales seized worldwide, half of that by Vietnamese maritime authorities on board a ship arriving from Congo.◈JAN1N984CUR-1¤Vindman says the Republican Party's backing of policies that shut out access to both surgical and medication abortions are unpopular among suburban women like her because they go too far.S0603-221NH3B₪Critics of police response in New Mexico say a bigger gun culture in the state compared to much of the rest of the country and lax police training play a factor in the high incidence of police killings.✙4RS101M▊SEOUL, South Korea – The U.S. and South Korean governments have both hailed the "Washington Declaration" by the two nations' presidents as measures that will strengthen an alliance that turns 70 this year.↛

⊟Last year, members of the New Black Panther Party and other activists, began showing up at addresses associated with the aging Donham, including in North Carolina and Kentucky. They were there to serve unofficial "warrants" for her arrest and trial.①M39003/01-5751のThis is the first No. 1 pick for the Spurs since 1997, when they chose Tim Duncan — who helped the team become a perennial playoff contender and rack up five NBA championships, as Texas Public Radio notes.の

♪Medicare advocates around the country who track fraud noticed an eleventh-hour rise in complaints from beneficiaries who received tests – sometimes by the dozen – that they never requested. It's a signal that someone may have been using, and could continue to use, seniors' Medicare information to improperly bill the federal government.✁


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