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◁Still, the two sides have eased fighting enough for the stream of international military aircraft to land in the Khartoum area and extract foreign citizens since Sunday.❣CKC33C393MWGAC7210♟National Treasure entered Saturday's race at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore as the second betting choice behind Mage, who pulled off a longshot victory at the Kentucky Derby earlier this month. But in the end, Blazing Sevens came in second by a narrow margin and Mage took third.↯1410Y1000121MCRE03➧Commonwealth's Attorney James Hingeley did not say in the release how many people have been indicted and did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment on Tuesday. According to electronic court records, the indictments against three people have been unsealed, including William Zachary Smith, of Nacona, Texas; Tyler Bradley Dykes, of Bluffton, South Carolina; and Dallas Medina, of Ravenna, Ohio.☼VJ0603Y472KLJAJ32⊙Some other states have also dropped many people from Medicaid. But Alker says that unwinding is not going badly in every state.♥

✤"I say to them, this is your opportunity to show people that you are living the words that you're speaking and co-sign the legislation," Murray says. "Work with us. Let's get this passed."♝0805Y1000181FAR◆A senior military official told CBS News that multiple Navy and Coast Guard vessels, including the USS Carter Hall — which is equipped with a heavy crane for recovery — were in vicinity of where the balloon fell for debris collection.☪


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2220J6K00330GCT♨Prosecutors also said that shortly before his wife died unexpectedly at age 49, Chad Daybell signed paperwork to boost her life insurance to the maximum allowed under the policy. An autopsy later determined she had been asphyxiated.☊0925-272H✂"People should be incredibly wary about unexpected messages like this that can be a trap, especially during filing season," Werfel, the IRS commissioner, said.❂

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◈Immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born Asians to describe themselves using specific ethnic labels and are less likely to use some form of "American" when referring to their identities.★CDR32BP4R7BCZSAC♥Keishel Williams is a Trinidadian American book reviewer, arts & culture writer, and editor.▒0805Y2500471KCT✑Born in 1942, Stein was a New York City native who as a teenager worked summers at Cincinnati-based King Records, James Brown's label, and by his mid-20s had co-founded Sire Productions, soon to become Sire Records.➪K391J15C0GF53L2↠In February the United Nations said it had raised only $1.2 billion out of a target of $4.3 billion at a conference aimed at generating funds to ease the humanitarian crisis.✁

☀White's characters are masterfully drawn, and his use of language is brilliant. He does an amazing job having mother and son describe what it means to live with their gift: "It's like I exist all at once, but I can't keep up," Key says at one point, while Colly reflects, "I am misplaced, lost in moments I believe to be linear."↯BZT55A13-GS18▪The 25-acre tract is only accessible by boat or, at low tide, on foot or via tractor or quad bike. There are no dwellings on the island, and there is a flood pond that provides water for livestock and wildlife.♕


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CDR31BP181BFUP✿"The Buchenwald concentration camp was a charnel house of indescribable horrors," Ferencz wrote. "There is no doubt that I was indelibly traumatized by my experiences as a war crimes investigator of Nazi extermination centers. I still try not to talk or think about the details."☺SMAZ5934B-E3/61⊿The U.S. has been concerned "from day one" about the possibility that China could provide lethal support to Ukraine, Blinken said, including "everything from ammunition to the weapons themselves."ღ

∴Lajimodiere's appointment is impactful and inspirational because "representation counts at all levels," said Nicole Donaghy, executive director of the advocacy group North Dakota Native Vote and a Hunkpapa Lakota from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.⇕


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