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✉By the end of next month, seven regional blocs will propose 20 names apiece of non-bishop members to Francis, who will select 10 names apiece to bring the total to 70.⇚


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C316C101J2G5TA☞But this week House Republicans put out a bill that keeps veterans funding level, but moves about $15 billion from a massive new program to help veterans suffering from toxic exposures and makes it discretionary funding.◙1206J0500471JXRⓥ"In this case, a jury of twelve listened to testimony for nearly two weeks, upending their lives to painstakingly evaluate the evidence and arguments presented by both the State and the Defense," Garza said in a statement emailed to NPR.▃


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1210Y0630123FAR✉A U.S. service member was wounded in a series of new attacks Friday targeting U.S. bases in Syria following Thursday's fatal drone attack on a U.S. base, a U.S. official confirmed to CBS News.➘1808Y2500150KCR➝Because she went into labor early, Casiano has less time than she expected to sort out how to pay for Halo's funeral. She was quoted $4,000 by one funeral home. The family moved less than a year ago and used up all their savings on the move. Her family cooked menudo, a spicy Mexican soup, and raised $645 selling it by the bowl.♞

▉"With those questions guiding us, fire hazards and carbon monoxide hazards emerged as the areas with the most need," Galbo says.の


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CDH63NP-181KC⇃Wedding retailer David's Bridal is filing for bankruptcy for the second time in five years, and is laying off 9,326 employees over four months, the company announced Monday.➶1206Y0630102KQT◣While Brynjolfsson is cautious, noting that this is one company in one study, he also says one of his big takeaways is that AI could make our economy much more productive in the near future. And that's important. Productivity gains — doing more in less time — are a crucial component for rising living standards. After years of being disappointed by lackluster productivity growth, Brynjolfsson is excited by this possibility. Not only does AI seem to be delivering productivity gains, it seems to deliver them pretty fast.⇂

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  1. Combination of a suspense and slasher movie that drags on too long. A low rate, not that scary "Poltergeist". I say C


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