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♠"Terror attacks continue to target Jews around the world even when they are gathered in prayer, as we know from countless experiences over the years including at this very synagogue," EJC President Ariel Muzicant said in a statement.⇋

➫On Wednesday, Trump launched a counterattack against the trial on social media, telling followers on his Truth Social platform that the case was "a made up SCAM" and that her lawyer is a political operative.▄


☜Israel qualified in June of last year for its first Under-20 World Cup. But the country's participation in the official draw for tournament groups, scheduled to be held Friday in Bali, provoked political opposition this month.☆HER305-T▇The Peregrine Fund, which manages the Arizona-Utah flock, also captured five other birds that seemed ill and sent them to a wildlife rescue in Phoenix. One bird died and the other four have been quarantined, officials said.⇆M39003/01-7299/TR☄In some states where Democrats control the legislature, lawmakers are enshrining access to gender-affirming health care. Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a bill Wednesday that protects providers of gender-affirming health care against potential civil and criminal prosecution.☃1210-272H⇊"Over these last few days and weeks, there's a lot of politics, posturing and gamesmanship and it's going to continue for a while, but I am squarely focused on what matters and we're getting to work," Biden told reporters, saying he was willing to postpone a planned trip this month to Japan and Australia to meet world leaders if it was needed to avert default.☞

⊙He wishes the Kenyan media would do a better job enlightening the public about the WHO announcement.↶C0805C105M4REC➤Barbara Cooper was forced out as as head of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education after Ivey expressed concern over the distribution of the book to state-run pre-kindergartens. Ivey spokesperson Gina Maiola identified the book as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Developmentally Appropriate Practice Book, 4th edition. Maiola said she understands that the books have been removed from the state classrooms.の


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DSC5G03S0L⇥Military analysts say they believe the original versions of the documents were slightly altered in some instances.☆VJ0603D181FLXAR▣Bryan's populist crusade could claim roots back to Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson, the progenitors of the Democratic Party and the source of its self-image as the cause of the common man.←


▌In a statement, PacWest said it is in talks with "several potential partners and investors" while also looking to sell some of its assets.▒2211JA250151KCTSPU▧Faced with criminal charges for the first time for any former president, Donald Trump ripped from a well-worn page in his playbook Tuesday night — lashing out with a, at times, bigoted speech full of lies and conspiracies.◦1825Y6K00180JCR▭"Italy has been a pioneer in retrieving illegally exported antiquities from museums and private collections abroad.⇗MBRT12030R↤Jacqueline Towarnicki got a text as she finished her day shift at a local clinic in Missoula, Montana. She had a new case, a patient covered in bruises who couldn't remember how the injuries got there.↡

⇢The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, run by some of Till's relatives, posted a blank black square to social media sites Thursday after news of Donham's death was reported.⋄CDR31BP201BFSR\M500☍Bayer said, "In recent decades, we've become much more conscientious and conscious of this history of the objects, and more careful. By 1970, the UNESCO guidelines came out saying you must know where works of art were excavated or where they were sold from. This is the sort of dividing line date for us. And once the world community began to look at things in that way, we've been out in front ever since."£

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