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♦Potter is heard on video yelling "Taser" several times just before she fires her pistol as Wright tried to drive away from the traffic stop.»FDLL4448_D87Z░Update: U.S. fighter jets shot down the balloon off the South Carolina coast Saturday afternoon. Read the latest here.♂0402R-36NJ☛Williams, raised in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, was best known for his role as Omar Little on The Wire, HBO's hit series in the 2000s that depicted the underworld of drugs and crime in Baltimore.▶SMBJ5923AE3/TR13⇘"If the data is is is bad and doesn't make sense and the study was badly done, then I have a right to reject it," said Kirsch. "And so the point is that if a study is well done, you'll see that I will like the study."█

↟While Hume successfully sued the South African government in 2017 to reverse a decades-old moratorium on the domestic sale of rhino horns, the overall effort proved to be less lucrative than he'd projected.❃1111J3000130JQT☂"Chicago is a great choice to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention," President Biden said in a statement. "Democrats will gather to showcase our historic progress including building an economy from the middle out and bottom up, not from the top down."☏


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1210J1K00220FAR↞All defendants have been granted bond and court records show pre-trial hearings in April or May.➯173D335X0035WE3┲They said that Khan would remain under the Supreme Court's custody and he is now allowed to meet his family and a limited number of friends. It is not immediately clear when Khan, who faces multiple corruption charges in Pakistani courts, will be allowed to return home.✉

⇉An apology crafted by lawmakers must "include a censure of the gravest barbarities" carried out on behalf of the state, according to the draft recommendation approved by the task force.✪


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KSC2786OTA↓They didn't go inside the ship, let alone touch the site, in accordance with existing regulations, and paid their respects to the more than 1,500 victims with a flower laying ceremony.☭3094R-124HS♧The 48-year-old woman, who police identified in a press release as only "Lillian," was rescued by helicopter on May 5 in the Mitta Mitta bushland, a stretch of dense eucalyptus forest in the southeastern state of Victoria.◣

◎The attack comes weeks into Ramadan, a month of fasting and prayer that represents the most sacred time of the year in the Islamic tradition.➥

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