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⇠This scene is not from the U.S., where this year alone 74 people have been killed or injured by guns in American schools. It's from Brazil, where on March 13, 2019, two former students attacked Raul Brasil State School in Suzano, a town in the state of São Paulo, in one of the deadliest school attacks in the country's history.▒M39003/01-5019▽In 2020, Rexburg police detective Ron Ball said in an affidavit that Vallow Daybell's close friend Melanie Gibb described hearing her say that Tylee had become a zombie — a concept Vallow Daybell had picked up from Daybell.▱FA18C0G1H470JNU00◥Suspected Israeli airstrikes in Syria in recent weeks have killed two Iranian military advisers and temporarily put the country's two largest airports out of service. Hecht, the military spokesman, said Thursday's rocket fire was not believed to be connected to events in Syria.⇥199D105X9025A6B1E3☠By that point, she'd already made it through 60 books.✃

☃One way to limit clear-air turbulence would be to avoid the four main jet streams that encircle Earth. Commercial aircraft often take advantage of these narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere to increase speed and shorten flight times.⇞GA1210A332JXAAT31G▨Hundreds of rafts were set up close to the coast of Pamban island, laden with seaweed.▐


☀He said the ground shook violently and flames shot up from the scene of the crash not far from where he stood.1210J5000332JCT↔"Instead, it went to great lengths to keep the abuse secret," the court filing said. "While the Archdiocese reported a large number of allegations to police, especially in later years, for decades it worked to ensure that the perpetrators would not face justice.⇃UG15JT-E3/45⇦Earlier Friday, Israeli missiles struck an open field in the southern Lebanese town of Qalili, near the Palestinian refugee camp of Rashidiyeh, according to an Associated Press photographer and residents, killing several sheep and inflicting minor injuries on residents, including Syrian refugees. Other strikes hit a small bridge and power transformer in the nearby town of Maaliya and damaged an irrigation system providing water to orchards in the area.↑0603Y2500121KCT∴Disability rights advocate Imani Barbarin said on Twitter that the Paralympics videos "have no voice and they have no perspective."§

♥Experts believe tens of thousands of illegal weapons have remained unlicensed and out of reach of authorities.ⓔC1206C473MMGECAUTO7210➲Four people were killed and 28 others were injured, some critically, in a shooting at a birthday party on Saturday night in the city of Dadeville, Ala., authorities said.↺


⇒This story is a collaboration from NPR's Station Investigations Team, which supports local investigative journalism, and New Hampshire Public Radio. Nate Hegyi left the Mountain West News Bureau for New Hampshire Public Radio in February 2022.❤2220Y0500275JXR▦Serbia is estimated to be among the top countries in Europe in registered weapons per capita, and many more are held illegally.☻GA0603A120KXCAC31G↰MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah.☂C323C563G3G5TA7301▣For small stores, meeting the needs of an individual community is critical to remain in business.➱

◎But these days, there are no children.◊C0603C222J5HACAUTO卐"In February, I had this pretty positive view [that] the economy was going to grow much stronger," Williams said. "That's now offset by a view that we're going to see some slowing in credit," as other banks become more wary about making loans.❀

→In Venice, said Belloni, it was traditional to wear costumes and masks not only during Carnival, but for six months of the year: "It was a common fashion to wear a mask not to be recognized. People used to go around the city to public places, café, market squares and so on wearing masks."⇉

↖Children and adults stopped to stare at them in the streets. One press review described them as: "Black as black could be, but ... of gentle manners and charming address."☭


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