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VJ0603D9R1BXBAJ☼"The charges against Ali Reza Akbari and his sentencing to execution were politically motivated. His execution would be unconscionable," he said. "We are greatly disturbed by the reports that Mr. Akbari was drugged, tortured while in custody, interrogated for thousands of hours, and forced to make false confessions."⊕591D156X96R3A2T15H™Regardless of the merits of this case against Trump in New York — and lots of legal experts have questioned the strength of Bragg's case — Trump still faces at least three other criminal probes with potentially more serious consequences.✌


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C1210F105K5RACTU↴The state attorney general's office had sought a sentence recommended by state guidelines of just over seven years in prison. Wright's family and Crump denounced the two-year sentence as too lenient and accused the judge of giving more consideration to the white officer than the Black victim.↾CI100505-12NJ⇅For Kreiden and her staff, the book’s return on May 10 was the start of an unexpected journey — one that brought the book’s story to news feeds across the country and finally, weeks later, led them to Perry, the stranger who dropped off the library’s oldest new addition.◈


♝"These are the same nurses working in the ER, where a heart attack patient could come in," said Teresea Olson, 56, who is the town's part-time mayor and also picked up on-call shifts. "The staff was exhausted."⇏1N5280BUR-1ⓛComedian is the centerpiece of a large exhibition of Cattelan's art at the Leeum that's going on through July. The banana art is even emblazoned on a special coffee cup to herald the 38 works.☣1210Y2000270GCT↔In the last decade, "propagated by escalating rhetoric of the [National Rifle Association] and their acolytes we are seeing an underlying fear and paranoia that isn't abated by social norms and counter thought," he wrote to NPR in an email. "Folks live in their echo chambers and that fear is reenforced that there is a bad guy around every corner."↰VJ1206Y183KXAMC◇The clinic's walls are adorned with drawings by kids and mountain landscapes. The staff doesn't turn on the harsh overhead fluorescent lights, choosing instead to light the space with softer lamps. The lobby includes couches and a rocking chair. There are always heated blankets and snacks on hand.▊

유"With a sharp increase of cases seen over the last month, fears are that the outbreak will continue to worsen without strong interventions," WHO warned in a statement.❥GA1812Y223MXBAT31G→That includes co-workers like Towarnicki, who dropped her work hours at her day job after having her son to keep working as a sexual assault nurse examiner. That meant adding three years to her student loan repayment schedule. Now, pregnant with her second child, the work still feels worth it, she said.♈


➽"I wouldn't call them undercover agents," Bogdanos replied. "I would call them academics and archaeologists and art historians who care."☚PM1038S-1R2M-RC◐In a statement Friday, Buttigieg said, "Billy is a tremendous leader, a true expert, and a dedicated public servant. He has kept safety as the FAA's north star through one of the most complex periods in modern aviation."✄LQW15CAR27J00D卍Ahead of Zelenskyy's arrival in late afternoon, police moved tourists to one side of St. Peter's Square so the Ukrainian president's motorcade could speed across the vast cobblestone space.₪GRM1885C2A820FA01J☻For its part, Ambetter officials said in a written statement to KHN that their network in Pennsylvania "meets or exceeds regulatory standards."▣

▣The grocery store "is literally right in the center of the community, it's right in the center of the East side of Buffalo," McCann said.❄TS5022-100M↓The Indian government, supported by the country's powerful religious lobby — Hindu groups in particular, but also Muslim, Christian and Sikh organizations — is arguing vehemently in opposition. Broadly, the government says it has previously recognized same-sex relationships in law, but argues same-sex marriage is an affront to Indian custom. Earlier this month, in a written reply to the court, the Indian government argued it is an "urban elitist" concept.■

➨In fact, Pfefferkorn thinks as AI technology proliferates, it's more likely that courts will confront accusations of fakery against real evidence than attempts to introduce fake evidence.◀

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