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▀Adelaide is 31 years old when the novel begins, living in California's Lucerne Valley in 1915. Her family runs a plum orchard in the area; they're one of more than two dozen Black families who moved there to homestead. They also have, as Adelaide says, a secret, locked away for years, and that secret is responsible for her parents' gruesome deaths.


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JANTX1N4978D↚Diesel exhaust is a health hazard. According to California regulators, diesel emissions are responsible for some 70% of Californians' cancer risk from toxic air pollution. The rule would curb emissions on a class of engines that annually release more than 640 tons of tiny pollutants that can enter deep into a person's lungs and worsen asthma, and release nearly 30,000 tons of smog-forming emissions known as nitrogen oxides. The rule would also drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions from locomotives, by an amount akin to removing all heavy-duty trucks from the state by 2030.☺0505Y1501P80BQT⇦"I waited a year to get in with a rheumatologist, and we finally got the biopsy and we finally got blood work ordered, and I can't go do any of it because they canceled my insurance," she says.»


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VJ0603D130JLBAJ↸In the 18-month trial, people in the early stages of Alzheimer's who received infusions of donanemab showed 35% less decline in thinking skills compared to those given a dummy drug, Lilly announced in a press release.✄GCM1887U1H152JA16J▥Near a window, a cluster of plastic pots with the sprouts of African violets sat on a table, each flower planted by a student in the days before schools in Kharkiv shut down. A gift for their mothers. Ready to grow. Full of potential.▔


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VJ0805A1R8DXAMC◀Edwards, the Colorado clinic manager, said in a statement that CARE clinics will continue their commitment to the Carharts' lifelong mission to provide abortion care and access to the community.⇤NTD4854N-35G✍"The hardest part is actually the dyeing part of it. It took 10 hours to just hard-boil 10,000 eggs and then it takes longer to dye them because it's a five-stage process," Watson told NPR, adding that he has been donating eggs to the White House for the roll on and off for 12 years.█

▭The Velella velella, a name so nice you gotta say it twice.⇜

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