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➼BuzzFeed is just the latest media company to announce major layoffs. In recent weeks, NPR cut around 100 people and announced plans to ax four podcasts. The Washington Post, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, nixed its Sunday magazine and a handful of other newsroom jobs in January. Insider also announced this week it was laying off 10% of staff due to a decline in advertising revenue.➩


▫Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are nothing new in Egypt, but cryptocurrency scams are. Receptions, parties and meetings held by the people behind Hoggpool, in fancy hotels and other venues, gave users the impression that it was all aboveboard.☼AC0805BRNPO9BNR56☼In Indonesia's capital, hundreds came to the Jakarta Planetarium to see the partial eclipse that was obscured by clouds.⇎GA1206A330JBLBR31G░Among those calling for more arms for Ukraine was the former British prime minister, Boris Johnson, who made a surprise trip to Ukraine on Sunday. Johnson, who was pictured in the Kyiv region town of Borodyanka, said he traveled to Ukraine at the invitation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.◎GJM0335C2A7R7CB01J⇀George Bulls, a lawyer for Willie Brown, asked the state investigator if there were at least some statements about one of the deceased individuals, Corbin Holston, being the one who started the shooting.◎

➪The Writers Guild of America is on strike, and a vital part of the entertainment industry could be in for a long work stoppage.«1808Y0630394MDT♣Her breath is steady by the time she changes into the clothes she laid out close to her back door before going to bed. She grabs her nurse's badge and drives to First Step Resource Center, a clinic that offers around-the-clock care for people who have been assaulted.█


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1808Y0500221KDR◦The injured women range in age from 25 to 71, according to Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum. It's unclear if these victims were specifically targeted by the gunman or if they are employees or patients of the medical practice, he said.↕GA0603H562JXAAC31G➥Notably, it did not mention Russia or its leader by name.↬


↽Bud Light faced a major social media backlash and saw sales dip after Anheuser-Busch ran an ad campaign featuring popular trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.⇊0603J2002P00HUT☽And finally, in nature — how everything's about collaboration. So when I see the patterns of nature and the way that nature treats me since I was a kid, it's all about optimism. The negativity comes from humanity and the way that we behave to create scarcity — how we're afraid of and draw boundaries between one another.⇢C318C223G5G5TA7301♞On May 15, 1948, one nation's triumph became another nation's catastrophe. Israel was established as a homeland for Jews, while the majority of Palestinians were displaced.☠IRFB3006GPBF⇂"It looks like it was only there for a short time but moisture did start to soften some of the pasta," he said.✐

▌The Italian coast guard said Monday it was completing operations to rescue 800 migrants on a ship intercepted around 193 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of the Sicilian town of Syracuse.◄1808J1000182MDR↠The tornado touched down around 3:30 a.m. and moved through a rural area of Bollinger County, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of St. Louis, said Sgt. Clark Parrott of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.♥


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12105C106MAT4A➙"Both agreed on the need to continue humanitarian efforts" to help the population. "The pope underlined in particular the urgent need for 'humanitarian gestures' toward the most fragile persons, innocent victims of the conflict," the statement said.✌1206J1K01P50BQT♦peaceful protest, and said the police would not provide a reason for▶


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