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➟Delcoure says her favorite ad is for Mr. Goodbar, "the 2023 Mini Pooper."☁1812J2K00392MXR➧DENVER — Colorado's governor signed four gun control bills Friday, following the lead of other states struggling to confront a nationwide surge in violent crime and mass shootings, despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that expanded Second Amendment rights.⇘UG15JT-E3/45☪"There's only so much people are going to bear in how much does it cost to fly from New York to L.A. or Chicago to Miami or whatever," Shariff said.♧BZT52C27-HE3-18⇋“Tell them to f--- wait,” he told officers in the hallway.⇏

ˍBut the two sides were still far apart on spending caps for federal programs for some length of time (the White House is pushing for a two-year timeframe, but House Republicans want one that lasts 10 years) and new work requirements for adults without dependents who receive support from safety net programs like food stamps. They also remain divided on "revenue raisers" like closing loopholes in the tax code, the source said.◙VJ1206A120JXBMC▭Roth opened the door to a car that she thought was hers, but saw a man sitting in the passenger seat and quickly retreated to her friend's car instead. She said the man approached their vehicle, and she had just rolled down her window to apologize when he started shooting.◇

◦The social media company used to dole out blue checks to accounts it vetted and deemed "active, notable, and authentic," according to the company.▍


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0603Y1008P20DAT✲The success of Jerry Springer opened up lots of doors for the host, who played a version of himself in the 1998 film Ringmaster, briefly replaced Regis Philbin as host of the variety show America's Got Talent, appeared on Dancing with the Stars and hosted a courtroom show called Judge Jerry which ended last year. Even his security guard, Steve Wilkos, got his own talk show, which remains on the air.▕FJP5021OTU☾According to Amnesty International, Indian authorities are increasingly imposing unlawful and politically motivated restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly. (Amnesty International was itself targeted by Modi's government, and was forced to shut its India operations in 2020).✡

♢"That's why it's such a significant arrest and why it has taken a fair amount of time."►

⇜Consider a modern equivalent: When you're listening to someone tell you something and your phone dings — Ding! "Is that important?" — you just lost track of where you were.↹


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