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▢Before visiting the South Lawn, the first couple had breakfast with 40 egg farmers, many members of the American Egg Board, a marketing organization for egg producers.✈1825Y0500122KCT큐"Mr. Baldwin should know that we remain committed to fighting and winning for our clients and holding him accountable for pointing a loaded gun at Halyna Hutchins, pulling the trigger, and killing her," she wrote in a statement Friday. "Mr. Baldwin may pretend that he is not responsible for pulling the trigger and ejecting a live bullet which ended Halyna's life. He can run to Montana and pretend that he is just an actor in a wild west movie but, in real life, he cannot escape from the fact that he had a major role in a tragedy which had real life consequences for Halyna, her mother, father, sister, and co-worker."⇕C1206C334K1RAC7800▬However, Monahan's lawyer, Kurt Mausert, said the sheriff's account of what happened in the driveway and his characterization of his client as uncooperative are incorrect. His client had been afraid when he pulled the trigger, Mausert told WAMC/Northeast Public Radio.▩2220Y0630563JDT✄Mississippi has ranked among the poorest states in the U.S. for decades, but only a fraction of its federal welfare money has been going toward direct aid to families. Instead, the Mississippi Department of Human Services allowed well-connected people to fritter away tens of millions of welfare dollars from 2016 to 2019, according to the state auditor and state and federal prosecutors.☽

◦In April, the CBP tracked 58,964 encounters with migrant families and 11,478 unaccompanied minors, according to data shared by the agency. CBP encounters with migrant families increased 28% between March and April.↯C0805C563K5RACTU◊In a statement to ABC News Wenger denied accusations of racism, pointing out that he only sent that one text. "Out of both released reports, the initial 21-page-report and the secondary 14-page report, I just simply said I do not like body cams," he told them.⇊


┱Advocates fear the city's approach is shaping residents' perceptions of people who are homeless as being violent.➛0805Y2000471FFT☪In a follow-up study using climate model simulations, Williams and colleagues predicted that clear-air turbulence in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere could triple in the next three to six decades, depending on future greenhouse emissions.×1SMAF2EZ17▣The Red Bulls echoed that sentiment Saturday night and said the club would cooperate with the league's investigation.⇋IRGB4610DPBF⇟"Our top priority is the safety, quality and effectiveness of the drug products available to the American public," the FDA said.←

×Health centers say they are better able to retain workers and improve patient care when they can reduce the number of violent incidents, said Mike Hodges, secretary of the Georgia chapter of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety. State laws governing how hospitals can respond to violence vary.卐CWR11HC475MCC✪As the policy was formally lifted on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET, security officials were bracing for an unprecedented influx of migrants along the southern U.S. border — some estimates suggested as many as 150,000 migrants might arrive in the hopes of crossing over.✈

♙Zelenskyy began his official meetings by calling on Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the presidential Quirinale Palace.⇇


◢Humphries has remained an active entertainer, touring Britain last year with his one-man show "The Man Behind the Mask."▒IRF1405STRLPBF●City supervisors will hold a second and final vote next Tuesday. Mayor London Breed is expected to sign the measure.➺C1812C682G1HAC7800➳Ellsberg later summed it up by saying: "We always knew we could never win." Yet the war went on and more lives were lost because American leaders were unwilling to acknowledge the futility of the war or to accept the humiliation of defeat.◙CDR01BX471BKYRAT▓"He was your proud, hardworking immigrant Italian father and grandfather," he said.▼

♥In a statement, CFO Neal Holland called those deposit outflows "unprecedented." Credit Suisse bank analyst Susan Roth Katzke said they "have seriously impaired the earnings power of First Republic."↭C1210C220F3HAC7800⇃Mariangely Leal from Caracas, Venezuela, was one of the people who was persuaded to roll the dice. The 26-year-old crossed the border in El Paso last week, after months of trying to make an appointment on the CPB One app.♦


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IRKC236/12∷Another change is happening in the way companies localize global business.❦SRR0905-820Y↫"People suddenly have been shaken into reality and the ocean of violence that we live in, how it has grown over time and how much our society has been neglected for decades," Popadic told The Associated Press in the wake of the first shooting. "It is as if flashlights have been lit over our lives and we can no longer just mind our own business."

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