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▬It also rejected a clause in the law in which the country's national database and registration authority permits the change of a person's biological gender from the one they were assigned at birth in identification documents including drivers licenses and passports.↵


♨The sheriff said his deputies had been to the suspect's home at least once before and spoken with him about "shooting his gun in the yard," the AP reported.☽1812Y2500122FFR⇡The COVID vaccine rollout came with data reporting requirements – the government wanted to know how many vaccines were going into arms, as first and second doses; how many were being wasted; who was getting them, based on age, race and sex. "We started sharing data in real time, capturing the doses administered and sharing with CDC – something that had never been previously accomplished, enrolling hundreds of thousands of private providers," Hannan says.↖JAN1N4970D▍Like his debut in the space, I expect Corden's late night TV farewell to be professional, entertaining and not quite as impactful as you might expect.▌VJ0805Y223MXBCW1BC✙Marble Canyon, Ariz. — Three California condors have died from avian flu in northern Arizona and authorities are trying to determine what killed five others in the flock, the National Park Service announced Friday.◘

▂Francis is also scheduled to preside at an Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night in the basilica. On Sunday, he is due to be in St. Peter's Square for a mid-morning Mass. He is expected to deliver a long speech that reviews wars and other conflicts in the world, known by its Latin name, "Urbi et Orbi."▎CDH63NP-270MC☻"It's difficult to have a family these days, it's expensive," he said. "And so anything that we can do to make it a little bit easier to lighten the load or ease the burden is worthwhile."❤


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VJ0805A391JXAPW1BCのThe announcement frames Pence as a traditional conservative who could be a more predictable and palatable alternative to Trump. Hensarling and Reed were careful to call out Pence's "unparalleled commitment to conservative principles and the Constitution" and his "uncommon character."◎CKR22CH180DR⊠If you were born with ovaries, you were born with all the eggs you'll ever have — roughly 1 million to 2 million. Each month, about 1,000 eggs are activated but never develop further, while one (or sometimes a couple) fully matures. This happens until menopause, usually several decades later, when there aren't many eggs left.∴


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JANTX1N3045BUR-1✍The fresco, done in the classic style of Pompeiian art, depicts Hercules as a child strangling a snake."✒C917U180JZNDAAWL40◎HALEY: Well, the law in South Carolina was the furthest we could get it at the time. That was before Roe was overturned. For a national standard, I think we have to tell the American people the truth. In order to do a national standard, you'd have to have a majority of the House, 60 Senate votes, and a president. We haven't had 60 pro-life senators in 100 years. So the idea that a Republican president could ban all abortions is not being honest with the American people, any more than a Democrat president could ban these pro-life laws in the states. So let's be honest with the American people and say, let's find national consensus. Let's agree on, you know, getting rid of late-term abortions. Let's agree on the fact that we need more adoptions. Let's agree on the fact that we need accessible contraception. Let's agree on the fact that mothers shouldn't be jailed or go to, you know, get the death penalty for abortions. But I'll also ask you, let's go and if we're going to talk about weeks, ask Kamala and Biden, are they good for 35 weeks? 36 weeks? 37 weeks? At what point, are they okay?▒

❒One source of that stress? Nurses are also experiencing an increasing level workplace violence in the hospitals, Burger said.▄

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