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☭The governor's office, in a press release, cited two examples from the book — one discussing white privilege and that "the United States is built on systemic and structural racism" and another that Ivey's office claimed teaches LGBTQ+ inclusion to 4-year-olds. Those sections, according to a copy of the 881-page book obtained by The Associated Press, discuss combating bias and making sure that all children feel welcome.☆


♈He added: "It's just something we never, ever want to have to contact the family about. It goes to some of our worst fears and concerns. So really, all our thoughts are with his family today."⊙1206J0630561KAT♟She has a prior engagement with a 4-year-old.큐CBR08C689C1GAC◢Unions representing nurses have long warned about the problem facing the profession, said National Nurses United President Deborah Burger and President of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Jane Hopkins. Both women are also RNs.▩92-0235◁Philadelphia 76ers player James Harden kept his word by inviting Michigan State University shooting victim John Hao to a game, and sealed the deal by giving him a pair of autographed sneakers.◎

▤It's always like that, said a commander who goes by the callsign "Thunder."】C0603C270M5HAC7867✌Amid the chaos, the military accused what it called "evil elements" of inciting attacks against security installations and accused protesters of wanting to push Pakistan into "a civil war."❈

⇝"I was glad I could do this," McClain told NPR. "One person can really make a difference. People don't think so, but this proves that one person can, no matter who they are."↕


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GA1210Y183KBEAR31G▽Before heading to London, the South African choir toured around the Cape under the name the African Jubilee Chorus or Singers. One day, Mr. Howells announced something shocking, said Katie. He changed the choir's name to the African Native Choir, despite the choir's objections. He also added an offensive term to describe the choir (which NPR is not using). The entire name was subsequently used in ads and printed on concert programs. Katie said that Howells explained to them: "That's what you are, and the English ... will be curious to hear you sing."➞2324-H-RC✿This interactive chatbot was trained by reading through a ton of previous conversations between reps and customers. It has recognized word patterns in these conversations, identifying key phrases and common problems facing customers and how to solve them. Because the company tracks which conversations leave its customers satisfied, the AI chatbot also knows formulas that often lead to success. Think, like, interactions that customers give a 5 star rating. "I'm so sorry you're frustrated with error message 504. All you have to do is restart your computer and then press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT. Have a blessed day!"✐


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1N6625US▐An Obama-era rule change proposed by the Labor Department would have updated the hazardous occupation orders to include work with tobacco, among other protections. It withdrew the proposed changes in 2012 after intense pushback from critics, including nearly 200 lawmakers in both chambers of Congress, during a public comment period.❖SR211A101KAR⇖Wade says the beating changed her son. He was depressed, riddled with anxiety, unable to hold down a job. That was the first of several incidents between Baldwin and Antioch police. Wade says it was as if they were stalking him, harassing him every where he went.❦


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