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➝Graves acknowledged Sunday the "racial components" at play in the case.▊C317C241F3G5TA❁"For the little girls watching this, this stands for hard work," Wilson said, referencing her trophy. "If you're going to be a dreamer, you better be a do-er."→C1206C273F4HAC7800▭Julian Aguilar, Ana Campbell, Stella M. Chavez, Emily Alfin Johnson, Vanessa Romo, Joel Rose and Sean Saldana all contributed reporting from across the NPR network.↕0805J1K00121MXT▎"You're going to have to absorb a lot of people's pain," Wade told them.◨

☂The issue was a personal one for Virginia Kase Solomón, CEO of the League of Women Voters of the United States. She said she was prescribed mifepristone when she experienced an ectopic pregnancy that needed to be terminated.❈IM04EBR47M✿Humanitarian groups say the Taliban decrees are having a disastrous impact in a country that was dependent on aid even before the Taliban takeover in August 2021 that resulted in international governments halting aid to the country over the fear of funding a terrorist state.▶


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0603J0250121JDR☆At least three of the injured victims were sent to Grady Memorial Hospital and were in critical condition as of Wednesday evening, according to Dr. Robert Jansen, the hospital's chief of staff, who briefed the media Wednesday.➟0805J2000331FCR☻Grammy-winning musician Pras Michel has been convicted in a federal court in Washington, D.C., on 10 counts related to charges that include conspiracy, witness tampering and failing to register as an agent of China.→


✍The welfare misspending scandal has ensnared high-profile figures, including retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre, who is not facing criminal charges but is among more than three dozen defendants in a civil lawsuit that the current Human Services director filed to try to recover some of the welfare money wasted while Davis was in charge.√1808J0160271KFR¤Opponents also noted that treatments such as puberty-blockers and breast-reduction surgery would still be legal for minors who are not suffering from gender dysphoria, a difference they argue is unconstitutional.▫3090R-391H✂The election results showed that Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party was also set to retain its majority in the 600-seat parliament, although the assembly has lost much of its legislative power after a referendum to change the country's system of governance to an executive presidency narrowly passed in 2017.♦2211YA250221JCTSP⇐The arbitrators ordered Lindell to pay up within 30 days.⇈

↧ ★C410C511KAG5TA⇊On Thursday, Santos signed a deal with Brazilian prosecutors that he would confess and agree to pay almost $5,000 in fines and restitution in exchange for dropping the charges, The New York Times reported.↹

♦Similar problems have led California to consider mothballing its own 2016 ban on state travel to states it deems discriminate against LGBTQ people.◦


⇘Fry said that the FDA's final guidance is based on data that shows the best protection against diseases, like HIV, is through strong testing of all blood donation — and a uniform screening process for each donor.▷C1812X224K1RAC7800◎The extent of the damage wasn't immediately known.♥04026C102JAT2A◧JAKARTA, Indonesia — Under a cloudless sky, about 20,000 eclipse chasers watched a rare solar eclipse plunge part of Australia's northwest coast into brief midday darkness Thursday with an accompanying temperature drop.☻1206Y0630103JFR☆"It's a reasonable decision though it came bit late," Lee said. "We thought our people's rights to seek happiness and use (sex dolls) in their private lives have been restricted by the state. There are various types of people who use (sex dolls), including those who are sexually alienated or those who need them for artistic purposes."⇘

ღBut that didn't cause nearly as big of a stir as the surge in egg prices earlier this year, which was due mainly to a widespread bird flu outbreak.✚1210Y2000102JDR♕In a statement to NPR, the NFL said it does not tolerate discrimination in any form and would fully cooperate with the investigation. However, the league called the allegations "entirely inconsistent with the NFL's values and practices."の

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