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★Eig says he realized the interview's original transcript didn't contain the widely cited quote as he was reading through archives at Duke University while researching his book, King: A Life, which comes out on Tuesday. (Eig spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep about the new biography.)☛


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VS-87HFR20◥It wasn't the only mistake legacy media outlets made.★VJ0402D1R8BXCAJ☁Bolsonaro said he was being treated in Orlando for complications from an old stabbing, and it looks like he doesn't have plans to go anywhere anytime soon, even as some U.S. lawmakers call for him to be expelled from the country.♧


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MLG0402P0N3CT000➨It started with a highly touted few. But now tens of thousands of students are joining the portal, and many are risking hard-earned scholarships and their place in college to do so.◆C0603X161J1HAC7867▨Here's a brief recap of Vallow Daybell's history, and the murder trial:


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NTB75N06T4G✍And yet, he says, images of people using these common, crucial safety devices have generally been hard to find — especially when it comes to people from historically excluded communities.↕C0402C270K4GACTU▨More than 21 million people in Yemen, or two-thirds of the country's population, need help and protection, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Among those in need, more than 17 million are considered particularly vulnerable.▏


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LQG15HS39NH02D✄Thomas began driving the gray Honda Civic away when they heard three gunshots.◦1812Y1K20180FCR☞Disarm was fourth, followed by Hit Show, Japan-based Derma Sotogake, Tapit Trice and Raise Cain, Rocket Can, Confidence Game, Sun Thunder, Japan's Mandarin Hero, Reincarnate, Kingsbarns, King Russell, Verifying, Jace's Road and Cyclone Mischief.↗


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