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☭But my family was very supportive. I was ten years old the day I came home and said I could not read from the blackboard. That was a Friday. By Monday, I was already at the hospital. A different family member would accompany me to every medical visit I had. The doctors were looking to see if I had a condition that could be treated. We didn't know at the time that those visits were futile. Eventually, I grew to a point where I could go to the hospital by myself. So my family support was strong.▧


♂Punjab suffered a bloody insurgency in the 1980s that led to the killing of India's then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards at her official residence in New Delhi. Her killing triggered bloody rioting by her Hindu supporters against Sikhs in northern India.»DE1B3RA331KJ4BN01FΘThe underwriter supposedly did not want to take on the risk of insuring a business that hosts such events. Mabry said that while insurance underwriters who are writing policies will typically flag a number of things that are risks for a business, drag shows have never been implied as a "risk" for her business.】MM5Z3V0T1G▶Despite Disney's own layoffs, Munarriz says, the company is in a better position than most of its competitors: "Disney's ecosystem helps smooth volatility in different segments. It wasn't a perfect report, but it could've been much worse."♐0805Y1K00472KST▱"In certain areas of Jackson, a citizen can be arrested by a police department led by a State-appointed official, be charged by a State-appointed prosecutor, be tried before a State-appointed judge, and be sentenced to imprisonment in a State penitentiary regardless of the severity of the act," the lawsuit says.☆

▭Outside the Supreme Court on Thursday, Khan's lawyers told reporters that the former prime minister will still need to appear at the Islamabad High Court Friday morning to complete the hearing that was abruptly interrupted on Tuesday.▯CDH74NP-680KC♥"It could end at any time, it could go on for a long time," Kobos said. Experts in the entertainment industry have previously told NPR that this year's strike could be a "big one." The last WGA strike in 2007 and 2008 lasted for 100 days.↖


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CC0603JPNPO9BN680✿And ... keep getting those boosters, right? Or maybe not so necessary if it's not an emergency?☁C0603X272K4HAC7867✒That was Castellano's situation.▔


▼The watch store break-in was the fifth similarly brazen robbery carried out by amateurs hitting precious metal dealers or jewelers in Tokyo since March. A dumbfounded investigator told the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper that "young people don't seem to understand this crime will definitely get them arrested."✆PTFB192557SHV1R250XTMA1♀Pyatt said firefighters were called to the hostel at about 12:30 a.m. Emergency officials said the building had no fire sprinklers, which Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said was not required in New Zealand's building code for older buildings that would have to be retrofitted.☝HLQ021R2BTTR☺He is currently facing a $258 billion class-action lawsuit in federal court, where he is accused of engaging in a pyramid scheme by promoting the cryptocurrency. Musk often voiced his support for the coin and was even nicknamed "The Dogefather."◇C1608X7R1E104K/10۰The "disservice" quote about Malcolm X spread far beyond the pages of Playboy. It's included in The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr., which was assembled from King's words by historian Clayborne Carson.⇣

▪"The fact that the ring width is smaller by about a factor of two is incredibly exciting," says Medeiros.♜1812J0250682KDR↼"The president correctly said that the city has, in fact, been razed to the ground. The enemy is being destroyed every day by massive artillery and aviation strikes, and our units report that the situation is extremely difficult.♠


⇋Regardless of the merits of this case against Trump in New York — and lots of legal experts have questioned the strength of Bragg's case — Trump still faces at least three other criminal probes with potentially more serious consequences.☀PIMC31,115↛He spent about two minutes in the building before fleeing on foot to a nearby Shell gas station. Around 12:30 p.m., he stole a pickup truck that was left running.▁M39003/01-7331H⇌It was just one of many records posted in the NCAA women's final game. Here are some more firsts from the most-viewed women's March Madness ever:➹S3BB M4G✏The suspect, identified as Serif Zorba, has been arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder and weapons charges. He is expected to appear in court on Monday afternoon, Valdes added.♗

웃Moana, which is based on Pacific Islander cultures, is centered around "an adventurous teenager who, with help from demigod Maui...sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and save her people," according to Disney.☾1808J0630472KCR➳These reassurances will be reinforced later this week, when a bipartisan U.S. congressional delegation led by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul is due to meet with Tsai on Saturday in Taipei, the day after she returns from her meeting with McCarthy.Θ


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