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❀Republican lawmakers argue that existing Florida election statutes already allow DeSantis to seek the presidency but that the new legislation was nonetheless needed as a clarification. The current law states that no official can qualify for another “state, district, county or municipal” public office if the term overlaps with their current position.♣


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AQ137M150FA7METhe women who have gathered to collect seaweed in the shallow reefs tie white gunny sacks around their hips and plunge into the waters. They pluck at sprigs of springy seaweed, freeing them from the sharp rocks they grow on. They surface briefly and with one deft flick of the wrist throw the sprigs into the sacks tied to their waists. With hardly a backward glance they plunge into the waters again. From 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. they are mainly underwater.큐GI828-E3/54➽"Seymour's taste in music is always a couple of years ahead of everyone else's," Talking Heads manager Gary Kurfirst told the Rock Hall around the time of Stein's induction.➳

▨"I remember the days when I had nothing," he said in a video montage of his career highlights. "Just a ball on the court and a dream of something more. But basketball was my outlet. My purpose was strong, my communities, the cities I represented with pride, and the fans that supported me along the way. I am forever grateful for those people and places 'cause they made me – Carmelo Anthony."⇞


¤HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk also said in the press conference that he thinks "the letter K needs to be diluted" because K-pop is "a culture encompassing everything from fans, their consumption behaviors, production and industrial system" rather than a music genre.⇐0603Y2502P10DUTDavila has recommended that Holmes serve her sentence at a women's prison in Bryan, Texas. It hasn't been disclosed whether the federal Bureau of Prisons accepted Davila's recommendation or assigned Holmes to another facility.▪0603J2001P00CFT→Abortion-rights advocates are working to support medical providers in managing the mental toll these legal attacks take. The newly created Montana Sexual & Reproductive Health Collective is partnering with licensed therapists to provide free emotional and psychological support for providers.✌CWR09MK105KR\TRSchierbaum has said the suspect has had "minimal contact" with the police department prior to the shooting.☈

£Much like the Parents Bill of Rights that GOP lawmakers passed in March, this bill is not expected to even be taken up in the Senate, but rather serves as another messaging bill for the GOP base ahead of the 2024 elections.▐C911U560JUSDCAWL35▃But if the Indus Waters Treaty is loathed by environmentalists, it is also credited with preventing war over water between India and Pakistan by dividing the six rivers that crisscross the two countries. That is no small feat: India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed, have waged war three times and had multiple smaller conflagrations. They remain hostile neighbors 75 years after both countries were partitioned.☂


▪Any new construction seven stories and under would not be permitted to install fossil fuel equipment, though large commercial or industrial buildings 100,000 square feet or more would be exempt. By 2029, the ban would apply to all new construction.↬GA1206A470FXLBC31G➽"Packaging of other food and drink products already contains health information and, where appropriate, health warnings. This law is bringing alcohol products into line with that," Donnelly added.→1206Y0630123KER▤Two other birds later found dead also tested positive, while test results aren't yet completed for five others, the park service said.⇤BYM13-30-E3/96➡"Every day, 24 hours a day, that incident is in my head," she says. "It will never, ever go away."↯

▌And isn't that a glorious thing? The possibility to shift and to pivot and to participate and to move ... which becomes ignited when times get hard.❤NRS4012T2R2MDGJ▊According to charging documents, one of the posted documents "described the status of the Russia Ukraine conflict, including troop movements, on a particular date." The government confirmed that the document in question is classified at the highest level, according to the criminal complaint.①


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