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✿The speaker said Monday that a "no-strings-attached debt limit cannot pass" and noted that as a senator, Biden backed attaching spending reforms to legislation to lift the debt ceiling.↩GA0402H392KXXAP31G⊙Back at Dudnik's apartment building, the visiting neighbors are saying goodbye. The sun is setting, and it's getting cold. They're all staying with friends in central Kharkiv, where there's power, water and warmth.⇄02015C470KAT2A☼In the U.S., the app has been under scrutiny over the last few years amid concerns about the Chinese government using it for spying and its effect on young people's mental health.↥WYO152MCMBB0KR☠On Iraq and terrorism, the Powell presentation was not about Al Qaeda and 9/11.  It was about Zarqawi, and it implied a strong, dangerous link between Iraq and Zarqawi.  It painted the contacts with the Iraqi intelligence officer and the medical visit to Baghdad as proof of a relationship.  It was not what the analysts had assessed.【

↱Bees sting to defend themselves or their colony. When they sting, their stinger releases an alarm pheromone with a subtle, banana-like odor that attracts other bees nearby.の1825J0630391KCR➻The Twitter account notes that tracked flights "do not guarantee that DeSantis is onboard." Sweeney, an information technology major at the University of Central Florida, said he may also try to track any flights DeSantis takes on the private planes of his political donors.✲


✡Last year, 32 people — around 15 people per million — were killed by police in the state, according to data from The project is part of Campaign Zero, a nonprofit focused on policing reform.⊙2225J0630223JXR☀"Twitter's decision to label NPR as a state media outlet flies in the face of years of research, all evidence about NPR's funding and governance, and Twitter's own policies and principles," Roth said in a message to NPR.◊KCA55L7UMF471KL01K⇍Faced with criminal charges for the first time for any former president, Donald Trump ripped from a well-worn page in his playbook Tuesday night — lashing out with a, at times, bigoted speech full of lies and conspiracies.↕GRM0225C1E9R9CDAEL"Look, a nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies ... or partners is unacceptable and will result in the end of whatever regime to take such an action," Biden said during a press conference with Yoon.↣

❂This story comes from NPR's health reporting partnership with Kaiser Health News (KHN) and Montana Public Radio.◙2225Y0160473KFT▣Griffiths: I went for the follow up. But I got radio silence. It didn't answer. Was I dialoguing with cancer? No, that doesn't fit within my worldview. Some people would say I was, but it was deeply affirming to what I was doing and it felt like an empowerment to speak up.▏


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DZ23C47-E3-08◈To Tokuda-Hall, her experience with Scholastic is another instance in which publishers are yielding to conservative advocacy groups in the face of recent battles over book bans and author censorship.✄0819-58J﹌"I say if you are a bully from Kasimpasa, you come and face me," he said. "But no, he wouldn't come, he wouldn't have the courage. I know this well."↦


◣That protection also helps coastal biodiversity and economies, said Gladys Martínez de Lemos, executive director of the nonprofit Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense focusing on environmental issues across Latin America.♧GMC04X7R153J16NT☀Yoon suggested in January that South Korea might have to acquire its own nuclear weapons. Some observers in the U.S. and South Korea see that as Seoul's sovereign choice. But the declaration's language appears aimed at quashing any such aspirations.¤C0603C122F5JACAUTO↜RICHMOND, Va. — Irvo Otieno, a 28-year-old Black man whose death last month at a Virginia mental hospital has sparked outrage and led to second-degree murder charges against 10 defendants, died of "positional and mechanical asphyxia with restraints," a medical examiner's office said Monday.☆C1206C223K3REC7210▣Nebraska's restrictions on gender-affirming care wouldn't take effect until Oct. 1. The abortion ban will take effect as soon as the governor signs it. Bill opponents promised to sue to stop both measures.✪

☻Evidence indicates a woman identified Till to Donham's then-husband Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam, who killed the teenager. An all-white jury acquitted the two white men in the killing, but the men later confessed in an interview with Look magazine.↘DMN3009LFV-13☼Funding for the new programs comes from the Inflation Reduction Act, which has generated hundreds of billions of dollars for renewable energy transition and environmental cleanup. In February, the Biden administration announced details on how states and nonprofits could apply for $27 billion in funding from a " green bank." The next month, officials announced $2 billion to create the Rural Energy for America Program.♠


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1808Y5K00270FCT↕Since then, more than 8 million Ukrainians have registered as refugees in Europe and another 5.3 million have become internally displaced, according to the U.N. refugee agency. But these statistics reflect only a small part of the struggle civilians are going through. With the insufficient financial resources and policies in place that, according to scholars of international law, harm civilians and prevent families from reuniting, for most refugees, displacement has become not a single, lifesaving event but rather a chronic condition of uncertainty and precarity.⇄A471J15C0GK5UAA▆“Bioré can’t resolve mental health, but they can be supportive of the kind of research that might fix those problems or be supportive of providing resources for people,” Goodstein said. “That’s very different from making it seem like putting a strip on your nose is going to help someone’s anxiety.”«

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