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☜Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., suffered a concussion and rib fracture in March after a fall at a D.C. hotel and has been recovering at home after being discharged from the hospital.↣


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C325C220G3G5TA7301▒The escalating conflict in Israel and the occupied territories has played out against a backdrop of religious celebrations — Ramadan for Muslims, Passover for Jews and Easter for Christians — that has served to exacerbate hostilities and inflame existing tensions between separate communities.↟1206Y0250182KFT➛As the principal leader of the "Yellow Hat" school of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama is among the best-known spiritual leaders in the world. Followers of the spiritual sect believe the current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, to be the reincarnation of his 13 predecessors.▯


◘Global law firm Quinn Emanuel said Monday that bondholders have hired the firm to "represent them in discussions with Swiss authorities and possible litigation to recover losses."〓77F221J-TR-RC⇂The military says most of the Palestinians killed were militants. But stone-throwing youths protesting the incursions and others not involved in confrontations have also been killed.❒DEF2CLH020CJ3B♀An ambulance was called early Saturday because of acute stomach pains but Navalny received no diagnosis, one of his lawyers, Vadim Kobzev, wrote on Twitter after visiting him in prison.↿1808Y2K00150GCT♡Texas has outlawed abortion in nearly every stage of pregnancy since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022. Colorado abortion law is among the country's most permissive, allowing for legal abortions at nearly every stage of pregnancy, without waiting periods.♡

☞The National Accountability Bureau has detained and investigated former officials, including former prime ministers, politicians and retired military officers. But some view it as a tool used by those in power, especially the military, to crack down on political opponents. When Khan was in power, his government arrested Shahbaz Sharif, then the opposition leader, through the bureau. Sharif faced multiple corruption cases when he ousted Khan, and the charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.⊙0805J5000101GFT↖"Tucker is a chameleon," Ryan said. "He's very good at reading the room and figuring out where the right-wing base is at and adapting to give them as much red meat as they want."♡


▀After European bank shares plunged Wednesday, analysts said the meeting outcome was hard to predict, with some saying the central bank might dial back to a quarter-point increase. Higher rates fight inflation, but in recent days have fueled concern that they may have caused hidden losses on bank balance sheets.卍SCRH4D18-2R7♠She asked her OB-GYN what her options were. Casiano says her doctor told her, "Well, because of the new law, you don't have any options. You have to go on with your pregnancy."↼GA1812A470FXBAT31G☝SAN PEDRO CUTUD, Philippines — Eight Filipinos were nailed to crosses to reenact Jesus Christ's suffering in a gory Good Friday tradition that draws thousands of devotees and tourists to the Philippines despite being rejected by the Catholic church.↼FJ4B01100L1⇣Switzerland's central bank announced late Wednesday that it was prepared to act, saying it would support Credit Suisse if needed. Regulators said they believed the bank had enough money to meet its obligations.↨

➚"Moving from state to regional level data and the elimination of county-level risk will lead to even more disengagement from the public and media," he wrote in an email.➪CDR31BP431BFUR-ZANABⓞNEW YORK — One of the more daunting tasks facing refugees from the war in Ukraine who come to New York is finding a place to live. A Manhattan real estate executive has been helping to find them apartments at reduced rents with the help of two Ukrainian sisters who work for him.↸


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GRT188R71H332KE01DღThe IG investigation also found that, in some cases, BIA building officials ignored these issues and rated the facility conditions as "good."▪C0402C102J4REC⊙King Charles and Camilla, who at that stage will still be the queen consort, will travel in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach on their way to Westminster Abbey. The Diamond Jubilee State Coach was first used by Queen Elizabeth II at the state opening of Parliament in 2014. It has hydraulic suspension and air conditioning.↲


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