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▧Since being ousted from office last April on a no-confidence vote in parliament, Khan has called for snap elections and aimed almost unprecedented criticism at Pakistan's powerful military, which he accuses of orchestrating his ouster.↔2225Y2500150GCR▆The bill sets a deadline of April 1, 2024, giving the transportation agency less than a year to complete its work and make a recommendation. The Republican-dominated Florida Legislature approved the measure by a wide margin.™PBSS4540X,135♧"Aurora kept saying, 'It's bombing outside. We need to go to the basement,' " her father, Alex, remembers.☪0603J0164P70DFT➸"That helps to either wash off ticks that haven't become attached, or you're more easily more apt to find ticks that may be on you because you can do a full body tick check."↘

➧"When these cases come to us, we evaluate them make a determination as to whether we can treat them," she told CBS MoneyWatch. "And we commit to funding 100% of their care."➫LQP03TG10NJ02D♀"How would you feel if you had a dream and you fulfilled it?" she said when asked why. "Would you come out crying?"♀


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IRF6714MTR1PBF↢BEIJING — China sent warships and dozens of fighter jets toward Taiwan on Saturday, the Taiwanese government said, in retaliation for a meeting between the U.S. House of Representatives speaker and the president of the self-ruled island democracy claimed by Beijing as part of its territory.⇠VJ0805D301JLCAR➮Bauer Food, Archways Richwood and Bell Restaurant Group – which operate 62 locations across Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio – collectively had 305 minors working at their restaurants illegally, the agency found.◣


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1808J0500222JFR▽"My kids have been on lockdown at school multiple times this year. They are living in fear, and parents are just getting used to the idea that it will happen and it will happen to people you know, including their own kids," Seeley told NPR.↟CLS125NP-111NC❈Secretary Powell's speech to the United Nations occurred in early February 2003. He tried to make the case for why the U.S. needed to go to war in Iraq and why the rest of the world should support us.❄


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MLF1608A1R0JT000❈Some Palestinians say they fear a second Nakba. To prevent another historic displacement, they say their role is simply to stay put.☁AIUR-11-561K₪Adding to the criticism, Nelson argued Dominion should be allowed to question Fox employees about the Capitol riots as they are relevant to evidentiary issues, particularly why Fox chose to "pivot" its support away from Trump following the event.▊


◆Taking the witness stand on Thursday, Gibb testified about the couple saying that in a previous life they had been married and "sealed" together — joined for eternity. Together, they told Gibb, whey would lead 144,000 people in the end times, as described in the Book of Revelation.۰GA0805Y103MXABC31G△They were shot in the offices of the Kurdistan Information Center in Paris, just a 10-minute walk away from the Kurdish cultural center targeted on Friday.↲1206Y0160154JDT◣Mohammad speculates that local Taliban leaders in rural communities have supported the ban with the hope of inserting themselves into the aid distribution efforts. "Even before the Taliban imposed their ban, we received a letter from [the] head of the districts, asking us to not go to homes with women without mahrams. In our experience, some Taliban elders and heads of the councils in the districts support the ban because they remove the women and involve themselves to control the aid we distribute," he said.✄1206Y1K00182KDR☼Investigators said in court documents filed Thursday that they believe five of those charged were present at the party on April 15 and "discharged firearms into the crowd," resulting in the deaths of four people.↳

✿There are multiple criminal investigations into Trump — beyond the charges he's facing in New York. There are two federal ones relating to his taking of classified documents from the White House and his conduct around the Jan. 6 insurrection, as well as one in Georgia looking into his pressure campaign to overturn the results of the 2020 election he lost.◑1206J2000123JDT☃Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), called the reports "deeply troubling."↬

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